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Welcome to the most romantic city on the entire continent, Cape Town presents an infinite amount of distinctive curiosities, magical secrets of times past and awe-inspiring nature. In 2014, it was named the world’s leading destination to visit, a wise decision by the celebrated New York Times. It stood out a second place in Travel and Leisure’s list of most prestigious and important vacation destinations and was also considered the second best city in Africa by the Traveller’s Choice Awards.

It is unimaginable that Cape Town is close to the true safari sanctuary of South Africa… A Cape luxury, linked with the wildlife of the Kruger Park? A day of exploration among Africa’s Big Five? Along with a rich cocktail on private terraces of the highest-end resorts? Unbelievable just to imagine it.

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Known as the “Mother City”, this coastal city and its surroundings have so much to offer that visiting its main points of interest can occupy an entire week for any restless traveler.

Cape Town is a metropolis of marked contrasts, in which the tradition of its African origins coexists with the heritage of a colonial period in which the Portuguese, Dutch and British played a leading role.

We went ahead and in September 2016 we already embarked on a journey of more than 10,000 kilometers to get to know, in a 7-day tour (9 including flights), the main attractions of Cape Town and its surroundings. Discovering the historical, natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage of a surprising city, open to the world and much safer than you may have been told or read about.

It is also a good place to book excursions or activities in the surrounding area. Since in this part of the city there are numerous information points and agencies “fishing” for travelers willing to discover new things and live new adventures.

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To start your trip to South Africa on the right foot, I leave you my travel guide to Cape Town: complete, graphic and orderly. From all the reasons to visit the city, to what to see, where to stay, where to eat, excursions from Cape Town and all the practical tips to experience the city as it deserves.

Before getting to know South Africa in depth, I was hesitant to visit Cape Town. Not for lack of desire, but because of all the talk about it. While there are reasons why I would not visit Cape Town, I come back with a lot of reasons why I would go back.

One of its neighborhoods District 6 was evicted to be a new white home. A shameful moment in history, like so many others, but one that has left a deep scar on South African hearts. To this day there are still numerous townships (ghettos) scattered across the country that recall this unfortunate episode in history.

Like Fifth Avenue in New York, Oxford Street in London or the Gran Via in Madrid, Cape Town has a well-known street that you will love to walk: Long Street. Full of craft stores, pubs and restaurants, it is one of the oldest and liveliest streets in the city.

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Cape Town possesses an infinite amount of curiosities and awe-inspiring nature. In 2014, it was named by the prestigious New York Times as the world’s leading destination to visit, Travel and Lesiure chose it as the second most prestigious and important vacation destination. Also, it was considered the second best city in Africa by the Traveller’s Choice Awards. Are you still in doubt that traveling to Cape Town is worth it?

The history of South Africa is present in every corner of Cape Town, which was the place where the first European settlers set foot in South Africa. On the other hand, it marked the beginning of the slave trade and was home to the world’s most famous political prisoner: Nelson Mandela.

Although the city hides many attractions worth visiting, its greatest wealth lies in the stunning natural environment that surrounds it. If you are planning a trip to Cape Town, or you have it in your sights, in this article we tell you everything you can do there.

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