Traveling to africa packing list

What to take on safari


The key is to be prepared for all weather conditions. Keep in mind that depending on your itineraries you should include everything from a t-shirt to a raincoat. From cool, comfortable footwear to hiking boots.

To know: space in safari vehicles is limited so the luggage limit is usually 20 kg per person in total (hand luggage and checked luggage). In addition, they can only be carried in non-rigid travel bags.

It may sound obvious but for the luggage you carry always “less is more”. What matters is to wear comfortable clothes and avoid bright colors. Instead, prefer earth tones: beige, brown, green, etc. It is known that in nature dressing in “layers” is a way to be able to adapt to how the temperature varies during the day so you can think your outfits based on this premise.

I live the present with joy and I share it, I believe that every second is unrepeatable and worth every moment lived. Because the important thing is not the destination, but the path. I enjoy improvising every moment, knowing that both good and bad things happen. Everything happens.


To have a spirit of adventure is an emotion that many times you cannot describe. It is only perceived by those who risk to be in direct contact with the immense universe full of surprises. For example, going on safari in Africa can be an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE. An experience that brings with it the adventure of getting to know the beauty of the land.

When it is a group trip, as there are different interests, it is very important to make a good planning with the travel agency you hire in Africa. So that all the details are clear, and there are no doubts about it.

Avoid wearing garish, bright or garishly colored clothing. This type of clothing may cause wild animals to move away; or, on the contrary, they may want to attack the person who wears them.

However, there is another type of footwear known as “SAFARIS BOOTS”. These are comfortable boots that allow you to walk safely on your feet. However, to take advantage of the safari you do not need commercial brands. It is only important to enjoy the walk pleasantly.

Appropriate clothing for travel to Africa

But, what to take in a suitcase for a safari in Africa? What do you need? What are the most recommended clothes for a safari? What are the most essential things? Here we tell you everything you need to know to pack the best suitcase for a safari in Africa and do not forget anything.

In addition to these essentials, the clothes for a safari is simple, but you must take into account some aspects. The climate in Africa is generally tropical, although it varies depending on the areas. That is, if you go on a safari in Kenya, it is not quite the same as one in Uganda. But, to make sure you have everything you need, take note of the list below:

How to dress in Africa

Zai Aragon -photographer and adventurer- has made a one-month trip through Africa traveling through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia and she solves the main doubts of a trip of this kind: What do I take in my backpack?

I put all this in a 40-liter backpack -who said that playing tetris is useless-, although I think I’m going to get a slightly larger one because my photographic equipment is growing and now I have to include a computer as well. In any case, before buying a backpack keep in mind that the bigger it is the more you will fill it and the more uncomfortable you will be.

Zai AragonZai Aragon lives between Cadiz, Texas and the rest of the world. He specializes in water photography, from sports to artistic. He loves to travel alone with his camera and write about it.

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