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Backpacking in Africa


In addition and fortunately, only 200 kilometers from Cape Town, exclusive boats with experts and luxury diving lovers from all over the world set sail daily in search of the great King and marine predator… the majestic White Shark of South Africa. Adrenaline lover?

The so-called red desert of Africa, Kalahari, the fifth largest in the world and located in the south of the continent, will surprise you by the striking and peculiar reddish colors of its sands; as well as its neighbor and magnificent Namib Desert, with a wide wildlife full of antelopes, giraffes and meerkats crossing the luxurious and infinite landscape of Namibia and its spellbinding Skeleton Coast. And on the other hand, Botswana [awarded as the green oasis of the Kalahari] offers the famous wetlands of the Okavango Delta; and Chobe National Park. Did you know that it is home to 120,000 elephants?

Who hasn’t heard of Victoria Falls?    Did you know that… the best angle and perspectives are enjoyed through a magical helicopter flight? Zambia safaris will give a lot to talk about, it is a place of natural wonders, extremely mysterious and peculiar.

Africa on your own

Since I was a baby I have traveled: first, with parents; then, with friends and boyfriends; then, alone. I have fearlessly visited several European, American and Asian countries, and I always feel that tickle of excitement in my stomach when I see myself on the road. But in the midst of my infatuation with planet Earth, one corner of it was resisting me: Africa. Sub-Saharan black Africa. Imposing, complicated, remote.

7. Because I love nature, rural life and solitude: The whole world has beautiful corners but African nature has captivated me. I have not slept under more starry skies than in Tanzania nor have I seen more wild animals in freedom than there. I have not experienced more spectacular sunsets or tasted such authentic rural life, with all its good and bad things. Except when I went to Zanzibar in August and got overwhelmed by so many foreigners on the beach, I don’t usually meet tourists, which I like very much because it increases my feeling that I am really on another planet.

Traveling Africa on your own

Both Mount Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania) and Mount Kenya have glaciers and nights in the desert can be dangerously cold, as the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

If you find yourself in a boat (which is how many people find them), knock on the sides to indicate your position. If you are on foot, keep your distance and never come between a mother and her calf.

It is advisable to get rabies vaccinations – but plan ahead as it is a series of shots – hepatitis A, meningococcal meningitis and typhoid vaccinations.

Talk to your doctor about your specific travel plans and medical history. Find out more about virus protection when traveling on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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Traveling to Africa is always a discovery. The neighboring continent has the ability to transform us in the deepest part of our being. The way of seeing life, the immensity of the landscapes, the harmony with nature… we have much more to learn than we think.

On the trips to Africa that we have selected, a completely transforming experience awaits you. Not only will you see lions, elephants and leopards, but you will also learn about a more sustainable way of living in local communities.

From top accommodations such as the Arusha Cofee Lodge, it is possible not only to go on safaris in the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Area but also to learn about coffee cultivation or visit tribes who maintain their nomadic way of life with pastoralism.

Tanzania also stands out for having a beautiful island, Zanzibar, which is a luxurious finishing touch to a safari with a private beach. A union of adventure and relaxation with first-class resorts in an Indian paradise.

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