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When planning your trip to Namibia the first thing you should check with your Rhino Africa consultant is whether it is better to use charter flights or drive around Namibia. In this section we provide the advantages and disadvantages of both options.The advantages of flying in Namibia

The most obvious advantage of driving in Namibia is the affordability as, compared to flying, driving allows you to explore Namibia at a fraction of the cost. The scenery in Namibia is spectacular and by traveling by road you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the landscape, discover places off the beaten tourist track and really appreciate Namibia at your own pace.The disadvantages of driving in Namibia.

Let’s be honest, renting a vehicle, driving in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, with no phone coverage and loneliness can be a bit intimidating. Renting a vehicle is not for the faint hearted and only certain people enjoy it. In general, roads are not well maintained and traveling between popular tourist destinations requires traveling long distances in a day, which consumes precious time to enjoy the country. We recommend consulting with your Rhino Africa consultant before deciding to travel by road. Traveling by road is time consuming and requires a week or more to enjoy your Namibia vacation.

Catai safari

Okavango is a journey of incredible contrasts: from the mestizo and colonial architecture of Cape Town and Windhoek to the Bushman cave paintings in Spitzkoppe. From the reds and ochers of the giant dunes of the Namib Desert to the lush greenery of the Okavango Delta. From the marine wildlife in Gaansbay the ‘great white shark capital of the world’ and the Cape Cross seal reserve to the savannah cats of Etosha National Park. From the maroon on the skin of the nomadic Himba herders to the pale gray of the elephants of Chobe National Park. From the hustle and bustle of the Swakopmund nights to the starry skies of Spitzkoppe in Namibia. From the silence of wild Damaraland to the “thundering smoke” of “Mosi oa Tunya”, Victoria Falls.

South Africa catai

Airport taxes are included in the price per person from 490 euros calculated on 06/01/22 for departures with Turkish Airlines, British Airways Comair and Mackair (Okavango Delta flight).

The realization of this trip requires the participation of a minimum of 9 people. If this minimum is not reached, the agency has the right to cancel the trip up to 20 DAYS BEFORE THE START OF THE TRIP, in which case the traveler will be refunded the full amount previously paid.

Already in our truck, we cross South Africa to Calvinia, a typical Afrikaans village. We stayed in old restored houses with period furniture and lots of charm, a trip to the 19th century! Hotel.

We enter the mythical Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park, a little visited park that hides a real jewel of desert landscapes, famous for its predators: black-maned lions, leopards and cheetahs. Camping.

Following the dry riverbeds of the Nossob and Auob we will search for meerkats and elusive desert wildlife. Its red sands, dry river beds and sparse vegetation will provide great photographic opportunities. Lodge.

Namibia travel

For getting around we did very well with the Sygic application that we downloaded to our phone. It is free and you can download the maps of the countries you are interested in. It works like a GPS but without consuming data and, once installed on the phone, no internet connection is needed.

This is the route we followed, in case it serves as a guide to prepare yours. In case you have less days, you can do only one part of the trip, for example, only South Africa or Namibia.

If you consider that there are too many kilometers to drive, or too many days, you can adjust it to your interests. Internal flights will save you from doing so many kilometers, but it will also increase your budget a lot and, in our case, the cost of five flights is very noticeable. If you do not have many days it can also be interesting to cut down on travel time and use more internal flights.    In the end it is a matter of weighing pros and cons.

The pace was very intense, but we like to see many things while we are traveling and take advantage of the fact that we are there with the eternal feeling that we may never be there again and that, for this reason, it is worthwhile to make the most of the days. Surely some of you share this vision and others think the opposite. In the end it is a matter of finding the balance and doing what each one prefers.

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