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What to do in South Africa


Those looking for information on travel to South Africa and the country’s major tourist attractions will have a really difficult time. Not at all this complication will be due to the inexistence of points of interest in the African state: nothing could be further from the truth. From north to south, the variety and contrast of landscapes, cities and cultures make South Africa such an incredible and rich territory that it is even difficult to define a few places to visit when traveling through this destination.

Travel to South Africa will also include a more sociological and political side, as it is impossible to detach South Africa from its terrible past and its transition to a hopeful present and future, which could give the keys to the possible path for the rest of the continent. Although South Africa is not one of the most dangerous countries in terms of security, it is necessary to be careful about possible minor altercations that usually occur in the main cities. Hiring a local guide in case you want to get away from the more touristy tours is therefore advisable.

Where to go in South Africa

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South Africa is a land with a sensational mix of epic landscapes, its fabulous tourist attractions and fascinating cultures are more than enough guarantee for the traveler to enjoy an unparalleled African experience.

The world is an exciting place and we want you to enjoy it as much as we have done in each of our adventures and in all the trips we have organized for more than 2000 clients.

One of us will be your Personal Travel Advisor before and during your stay. Iris or Joana will advise and organize your trip and will assist you in case of any unforeseen event at your destination. And if necessary you will be able to count on the help of both of them.

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South Africa on your own

South Africa is wild, diverse and friendly. Explore its overflowing nature and effervescent cities. With our trips to South Africa you will get to know the Kruger National Park, where you will see a great variety of African wildlife up close. The multicultural Cape Town will welcome us with a lively and vibrant rhythm. Walk along its extensive coastline and fall in love with its beaches. Johannesburg, the scene of Nelson Mandela’s social struggles, awaits us to discover all its urban art and modern museums.

20 days in south africa

After landing in Johannesburg we visited Soweto, the largest and best known township in Africa. It is picturesque, rebellious, vibrant, origin of the anti-apartheid struggle, birthplace of Mandela and Desmond Tutu… an icon of South African history. We stayed in the Rosebank area, one of the best in the city. Southern Sun Rosebank 4 ★.

We will sleep in Pilgrim’s Rest, a beautiful Victorian-style village that retains most of its buildings of the nineteenth century, where we will enjoy the traditional dances of the miners who worked in this area. Royal Hotel. Breakfast – dinner.

We arrive at Kruger NP, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. We make the first 4×4 safari in search of big cats and the numerous fauna that inhabits the park: 147 species of mammals, 507 birds, 114 reptiles, 33 amphibians, 50 fish and 300 trees. Without a doubt, we are in one of the great wildlife sanctuaries of the planet. Umbhaba Eco Lodge. Breakfast – lunch (picnic) – dinner.

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