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Travel through the African lands to observe a multitude of animal species that you never thought you could be so close. Visit the most beautiful spots in Africa, going on photo safaris you will never forget or relax on the enchanting beaches of Zanzibar.

Ask anyone who has had the good fortune to travel to Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa. They will tell you that they are fascinating destinations, completely different from any other place you can imagine. See for yourself by doing some of our tours in Africa. There awaits you an overflowing, boundless nature, a fauna like the one you only see in the movies and the discovery of ancestral cultures worthy of being respected.


If you prefer, tell us what part of the world you would like to visit and we will take care of the rest. From the most requested destinations to the most exclusive trips. Listening to your ideas, identifying your concerns and, above all, fulfilling your dreams will make that, more than a trip, you will live a whole experience.

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Since May 1, 2005, I have been backpacking the world to document the hospitality and daily life of the most unusual destinations through my chronicles. I write travel books to contribute to the nomadic revolution.

Zanzibar is undoubtedly one of the most famous destinations on the African coast of the Indian Ocean and, together with the safari circuits in the north, the most visited in Tanzania. Together with Laura we traveled the island twice, and that is why I decided to write this practical guide of tips for traveling to Zanzibar on your own. I have tried to cover all possible doubts about visas, accommodation, budget, where to eat, what to see and, obviously, where the best beaches are.

We visited Zanzibar twice, the first time in 2016, on a budget, as part of our 15-month hitchhiking trip from Cairo to Cape Town, and the second time very recently, as a mid-budget vacation. I will be updating this guide with suggestions/updates from my readers!

As Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago part of Tanzania, you don’t need to pay an extra visa if you already have your Tanzanian visa. You will only be given a domestic migration card, which you will need to complete and hand in. But that’s all the paperwork.

Tips for a safari in Africa

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The first step is to get inspired by one of our model itineraries. These serve as a starting point to organize your trip and will give you an idea of the approximate budget for our three categories: tourist, superior and luxury.

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