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I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of South Africa in Madrid. South Africa is the gateway to Africa. My country is guided by the African philosophy of “UBUNTU” whose core values are, among others:- humility, solidarity, integrity, hospitality, respect, service, love and care.

In these pages you will discover a country that offers the best investment opportunities in Africa with a stable economic and political environment; sound legal frameworks and investor and business-friendly policies; attractive investment incentives; and an advanced industrial sector as well as diverse and sophisticated infrastructure and telecommunications.

On these pages you will also find important links to other websites that provide specific information on trade, investment opportunities, tourism and our government in general. The Consular Section will provide you with all the information you need for your first or next exciting visit to our beautiful country.

How much does it cost to travel to South Africa

If the program is for a maximum of 12 weeks, you can apply for a Tourist Visa, which is free, you only have to pay for sending the documents to the embassy in Caracas and its return, which has a cost of COP $400.000.  For higher courses (13 weeks or more), you must apply for a Study Visa which costs USD $46.22 plus the sending of the application to the embassy in Caracas and its return, which costs COP $400.000.  The visa is granted initially for 90 days and must travel with a round trip ticket (90 days maximum), once in South Africa you must apply for an extension and move the return date of the air ticket.

The economic solvency must cover the total value of the course, the tickets and an amount between 600 USD and 1000 USD for each month of stay. If you go for more than 90 days you must apply for a visa extension and demonstrate a financial solvency of 1000 USD for each additional month.

South Africa on your own

We returned to the hotel at 9.30 pm. Four hours of safari was not enough, if I were me I would do it every day for several more months. It is an experience I hope to repeat. Nature is something I love more and more every day. I can’t stop imagining, after having seen the animals so closely, them (the animals) going on safari to look at us. I imagine them with binoculars watching us having breakfast, working and resting, just as we watch them… Why not?

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South Africa is expensive

It may sound crazy to travel there and travel both countries by rental car on your own, but if you take some precautions it doesn’t have to become a dangerous journey. Are you hooked on our madness?

First question we asked ourselves when we considered traveling to South Africa on our own and, above all, when we told our family and friends about our trip hehe. It is true that we are not talking about traveling to a European country, but if you are a citizen, why not enjoy it as it deserves?

-As for the documentation: carry it photocopied and laminated in different places of our luggage in case we lose the original. It is advisable to leave the original documents under lock and key at the hotel and carry photocopies with you.

-Do not go into the mouth of the wolf, that is, in not very touristy and marginal neighborhoods. And much less at night and on foot. Honestly, this is what we lacked on this trip; we are used to walking and interacting with people, going out of the touristy areas. Here, no way!

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