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Concert-Dance at Sukhothai Night Market, Thailand


After our arrival at the city airport, we will transfer to the hotel for check-in. Afterwards, we will enjoy a free day at leisure. Take the opportunity to tour Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city, and visit the Apartheid Museum, an essential visit to learn about the history of South Africa in the 20th century. Then, why not spend some time in one of Jo’burg’s trendy neighborhoods, such as Braamfontein or Newtown? Accommodation.

After breakfast, we will leave behind the wonderful natural world of the Kruger National Park, to embark on our journey to Cape Town. On the way, we will make a panoramic visit to the city of Pretoria, one of the most historic and monumental cities in the country. Pretoria is the city of the jacaranda trees, and we will visit the Voortrekker Monument, Freedom Park and Melrose Place. Finally, we will transfer to the airport to take a flight to Cape Town. Upon arrival in the city, we will go to the hotel, where we will check in. Accommodation.

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We arrived to the African continent, and what better way to explore it than getting to know South Africa. A country full of culture, natural landscapes and especially wild flora and fauna everywhere. It is this reason that attracts many travelers in the world, to discover the most powerful animals of the wild kingdom that you will not be able to see anywhere else.

South Africa is a country that stands out for its wide diversity of ecosystems. Although most travelers look to South Africa as an excellent safari destination, you also have many other options for touring the country from end to end.

The local currency is the rand, its code is written as ZAR. It has a currency exchange rate that makes it favorable to visit the country, the current approximate value of the Rand compared to the US Dollar is 15 rand to one dollar.

Major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club are widely accepted, so you will have no problem on your trip. A basic element to take into account for your budget is that tipping is practically obligatory. In restaurants a 10% tip is usually given, and at gas stations a tip is also customary. But, to give you an idea of how much your tour of South Africa will cost you, we will give you a detailed budget guideline.

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Many are the doubts about whether there are mandatory vaccinations to travel to Thailand, who should get them or even where to go for it. In this Vaccination Guide for Thailand we are going to tell you everything you need to know to solve the most frequent doubts that surround this subject.

The international vaccination booklet is the official document that will serve you, both in Thailand and in the rest of the world, to prove which vaccines have been administered to you. Regardless of whether you have included yellow fever among your vaccinations for traveling to Thailand, it is highly recommended to travel with this document, since in case of needing medical assistance, the health services will use it to know which vaccinations you have in general and which ones you need at that moment. For example, if you were unlucky enough to be bitten by a dog in Thailand, they would need to check if you have a rabies vaccination.

The international vaccination booklet will be given to you at your international vaccination center once you go to get your vaccinations for travel to Thailand and contains the necessary information in several languages so that you can use it in any country you visit.


Located in the center of the Indochina peninsula, in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand enjoys a privileged location, and is made up of a vast continental territory, and two well-defined groups of islands, separated by the same, one of them on the Andaman Sea, and the other sheltered within the Gulf of Thailand.

Here coexist hundreds of Buddhist temples surrounded by magic, rituals and curiosity, with a delicious range of beaches and markets, and a diverse and attractive Asian cuisine that will fascinate the traveler.

The official currency of Thailand is the baht, and one dollar is equivalent to approximately 32 baht and one euro to 37 baht. It is also necessary to know that except in hotels of intermediate or superior category or in big stores, the use of credit card is not very extensive in Thailand, especially for the tourist, who at the time of buying, will move to a greater extent in the big markets whose characteristic of “fair” (diverse and numerous quantity of stalls), makes that the paper bill is handled almost exclusively, and where the technique of the bargaining is practiced. However, the cards can be used to withdraw local currency in the wide network of ATMs distributed throughout the country.

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