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COVID19/ South Africa criticizes ‘draconian’ prohibitions


The embassy, as Switzerland’s official representative, covers all areas of diplomatic relations between the two governments. The embassy represents Switzerland’s interests in the fields of politics, economics, finance, law, science, education and culture.

As of 1.1.2022, Swiss citizens living abroad will not, in principle, receive an application for a life certificate. The condition for this is that they are registered with a Swiss representation in their country of residence. The information is transmitted to the Swiss Compensation Office directly by the Register of the Swiss Abroad.

In exceptional cases, registered persons may still receive such a request. In these cases, the interested parties must have this document completed and validated to avoid suspension of their pension.

Africa by luxury train from east to west

For South Africa this is an exceptional adapter. Very well made and perfect for the socket in that country. However, we have given it a very limited use because in any street market or street stalls in major cities you will find three-phase plugs to adapt our plugs in which you can put up to three devices to charge or plug in and at very cheap price. Therefore, the adapter plug is excellent but of limited utility once you arrive in South Africa… unless you are not going to walk the streets or from the airport you go to rural areas or safaris and avoid the big cities. In that case it is very good and essential.

The adapter works perfectly. It is large and well built, it fits the South African plugs very well, however, it does not seem to work as an adapter for India or Sri Lanka, which have a different plug system.

I bought it for a trip to India. When I actually tried for connecting the laptop charger, it was an absolute disappointment. The charger’s plug didn’t go inside properly. Every time I tried, the adapter’s light was glowing for around 5 seconds and then fading eventually. I think the plug was not going inside the converter properly and was loose.Unfortunately, I had to connect the laptop charger directly without a ground for a while.

Trip to the Kingdom of Lesotho (South Africa)

Keep in mind that we live in a time of many changes, so it is advisable to check with official sources before setting out. At IATI Insurance we are constantly updating our articles, so if there is still time left for your trip, check back here to see if there are any changes to the requirements for travel to Switzerland now.

The reason for this is that the authorities no longer see a risk of the system being overloaded due to the immunity of the population. Still, only 70% of the Swiss population has the full coronavirus vaccine regimen.

Remember that, due to the current situation, travel documents and requirements may change. At IATI we are constantly updating this information. However, we always recommend to check with official sources.

Cape Town, the jewel of South Africa

These bonuses are not compatible with each other.  For example, if you have activated the Everwhere bonus, which has daily duration quotas, you will have to deactivate it in order to activate the Everywhere Weekly bonus that gives you more abundance for more days.

Any of the Everywhere bonuses can be activated before or during the trip but it is recommended to do it before leaving since you will not pay anything if you do not use data or voice roaming in those countries. We tell you what each one includes.

This voucher works through weekly installments, of 7 days duration, which are activated only when you start using mobile data or make or receive roaming calls in one of the 31 countries of the voucher.

For example, if you have activated the Everwhere voucher, which has a daily duration quota, you will have to deactivate it if you prefer to activate the Everywhere Weekly voucher, with more abundant data and minutes and weekly duration quotas.

If your trip is short, one or two days, and you will need little data because you have WIFI available, you can activate Everywhere and pay only the daily fees on the day you use the mobile data or call services.

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