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After several long and pleasant conversations, we agreed on a travel program that met our requests and Dirk’s expert advice. The result, a wonderful trip and also one of the best experiences ever: the balloon flight at sunrise over the Namib. We will never forget it! Carolina and CarlosNamibia 2017

Africa has something that bewitches you, bewitches you. And what better than to know them from the hand of Africa Travel. In April 2016, Dirk prepared us a beautiful trip. 4 friends in 4×4 in Namibia. The best thing is that everything was controlled, but as we were going alone, we had the feeling of an adventure. We could not ask for more. The attention on arrival, the detail they had with us, they explained everything perfectly. I will be back soon.  Mª Cristina, Sonsoles, Beatriz and SusanaNamibia, April 2017

My generation grew up associating those landscapes with adventure and exoticism. Seeing it all at your fingertips so to speak has been a dazzling and exciting experience. AngelSouth Africa, October 2018

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Just today I have been traveling in the back of a truck sitting on a sack of rice and legs trapped by a sack of coal while sleeping a black baby in my arms because the mother gave him to me to hold on to the edge of the truck.

And then 36 hours by bus, crossing 3 borders, to get to Johannesburg, a monstrous city where you don’t miss anything if you sleep a whole day to get your strength back. Even so, at 6 am I was already awake in the bunk I share with a middle-aged South African masturbator who yesterday, half drunk, was complaining about how complicated it is now for whites to get a decent job in the country. Come on, an apology for how good we were under Apartheid. With two balls.

I thought South America would always have the position of honor in terms of regions of the planet that impressed me, but the answer is always in the cradle of man. Africa is very big, so big that no one can imagine it. Books help, documentaries give it color, but only those who live it can understand what Africa is.

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DISCOVER AFRICAUNFORGETTABLE TRAVELSUDAFRICA ZAMBIA BOTSWANA ZIMBABWE KENYA TANZANIA MAURITIUS our companySince 1991 our company Descubre Africa by Into Africa organizes tailor-made trips and events in Southern and East Africa. We are a specialist safari tour operator based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We have a dedicated Spanish-speaking team that will advise you to conceive an unforgettable trip together with you + Meet our team + Our officesINTO AFRICA’s accommodations and sites will allow you to explore remote places, in full contact with wildlife. our proposals

The first step is to get inspired by one of our model itineraries. These serve as a starting point to organize your trip and will give you an idea of the approximate budget for our three categories: tourist, superior and luxury.

OKAVANGO4 nightsSEEVER DETAILSKENYA AND TANZANIAVER DETAILS8 nightscombined itinerariesThese programs include a diversity of destinations and experiences. Remember that all programs are modifiable and can be combined. Below are the most complete travel plans recommended by our team.14 nightsCLASSIC SOUTH AFRICASEEVER DETAILSTRAVEL TO

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* Rebeca: Joy, generosity and prudence multiplied to the nth degree. If you have endured this journey, there will be nothing that will resist you. If something is not in your field of vision, you have irremediably missed out…

Guide to incredible places to see on a trip to Sao Tome and PrincipeAmidst palm trees, baobabs and other immense trees tickling the sky, the clouds of a little green and flowery piece of land that remains stranded in the Gulf of Guinea intermingle. Its name, Sao Tome and Principe, an island paradise of cocoa, vanilla and coffee where once there was Portuguese territory and which…

30 questions and answers for traveling to Sao Tome and Principe (Practical tips)Before embarking on a trip to a destination you’ve barely heard of, your logbook is no more than a blank notebook, rather a purpose of intentions. In my case in Sao Tome and Principe, I had everything to write down, especially being one of…

A curiosity: Did you get to use the water purification tablets? I have heard about the corruption of the police, and their “bonus” disguised as fines, from people very close to me who live in Guinea and Kenya, all of them white.

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