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If you can’t wait any longer and want to make this South Africa itinerary a reality, you don’t have to, as travel is possible and easy. The country has been open to tourism for a few months now and restrictions are minimal.

Moreover, as we will tell you throughout this article, the requirements for travel to South Africa now in 2022 are very easy to meet. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers against the coronavirus can enter the African nation.

What will you find if you travel to South Africa now?  A climate of normality. On June 23, all pandemic-related measures were lifted. In fact, it is not even necessary to wear masks indoors.

South Africa promises you a thousand adventures, which is why IATI Backpacker is the best insurance for this trip. Not only does it cover you for a silly accident like a sprained ankle while walking around Cape Town, but you’ll also be protected while doing adventure sports like diving with the great white shark or hiking in search of animals in the Kruger Park.

Which would be the LONGEST WAY? | From ARGENTINA to

For South Africa it is an exceptional adapter. Very well made and perfect for the socket in that country. However, we have given it a very limited use because in any street market or street stalls in major cities you will find three-phase plugs to adapt our sockets in which you can put up to three devices to charge or plug and at a very cheap price. Therefore, the adapter plug is excellent but of limited utility once you arrive in South Africa… unless you are not going to walk the streets or from the airport you go to rural areas or safaris and avoid the big cities. In that case it is very good and essential.

The adapter works perfectly. It is large and well built, it fits the South African plugs very well, however, it does not seem to work as an adapter for India or Sri Lanka, which have a different plug system.

I bought it for a trip to India. When I actually tried for connecting the laptop charger, it was an absolute disappointment. The charger’s plug didn’t go inside properly. Every time I tried, the adapter’s light was glowing for around 5 seconds and then fading eventually. I think the plug was not going inside the converter properly and was loose.Unfortunately, I had to connect the laptop charger directly without a ground for a while.

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Please note: our clinics will remain closed while we develop new ways to help travelers. If you have a registration request or similar need, please contact us through our online form.

Due to its large number of ethnic groups, there are 11 official languages in South Africa. It is the country with the most official languages in the world. It also has many different religions practiced throughout the country.

A valid passport is required to enter the country for at least 30 days following the scheduled period of stay. In all cases a business or tourist visa is required and must be obtained from Mexico. There are no visa procedures at South African ports of entry.

Mexican consular services help resolve any problems travelers may encounter, including passport services. Once in South Africa, the contact information for the Mexican Embassy is as follows:

If you have any questions about traveling to South Africa or about the vaccinations you need for travel, schedule an appointment with your local Passport Health travel medicine clinic. Call us at or book online now to protect yourself.

How much does it cost to go to Kruger Park in South Africa? Low cost?

We will fly to the edge of the African continent to Cape Town, where we will embark to sail the Atlantic Ocean in search of whales and white sharks.    And in the far south, we will finish our adventure in Cape Town, where we will enjoy from the air one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. Can you think of a more complete trip to South Africa? Remember that you can also travel to South Africa in August!

The price per person from includes airport taxes in the amount of 495 euros calculated as of 06/01/22 for departures with Turkish Airlines, British Airways Comair, and helicopter flight taxes over Cape Town.

After landing in Johannesburg we visited Soweto, the largest and best known township in Africa. It is picturesque, rebellious, vibrant, the origin of the anti-apartheid struggle, the birthplace of Mandela and Desmond Tutu… an icon of South African history. Southern Sun Rosebank 4*. Dinner.

We will sleep at Pilgrim’s Rest, a beautiful Victorian-style village that preserves most of its buildings from the 19th century, where we will enjoy the traditional dances of the miners who worked in this area. Royal Hotel. Breakfast – dinner.

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