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Visit with Nautalia Viajes one of the most beautiful territories on the planet, because your trips to Reunion Island will reserve you an infinity of surprises that you will surely love. If you want to know each and every one of the corners that await you in this region you can not miss the opportunity to book your flights to this destination with the best deals and discounts you’ll find in the market. An endless number of experiences, places and paradisiacal landscapes are just a click away. So, don’t hesitate any longer and head for this fabulous destination.

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Reunion Island, one of the best kept secrets of the Indian Ocean, offers incredible landscapes: cliffs, ravines, coastlines, lagoons, lush forests, volcanoes and waterfalls. A beautiful combination, a cultural and natural kaleidoscope, a real surprise for the visitor… Welcome to… the “other” France!

Undoubtedly, another of the main tourist attractions of Reunion Island are its volcanoes. The volcano (Piton) of the Fournaise is a spectacle. Those of Reunion Island are not dangerous volcanoes because their activity is scarce and they are very predictable, although of course, volcanology is still not an exact science.

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In a very short distance you will discover spectacular volcanoes among the most active in the world and lush primary forests, the landscapes are truly breathtaking! Nyala Tours offers you exciting trips to Reunion.

Reunion is the closest thing to a ‘mini Hawaii’, here are its main attractions: Saint-Denis is an attractive and lively capital. The towns of Saint Gilles les Bains and Saint Paul and the cirque of Cilaos and Mafate .

Reunion has an area of 2,512 km² and a population of 900,000 people. No visa is required to enter the country as it is French territory. The language is French. No vaccination is required. The currency is the Euro. The time difference is only 2 hours more in winter and only one in summer.

The best time for hiking is the dry season, from April to September with the high season from April to May. The off-peak time would be in February and March, when the danger of cyclones is greatest.

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The island changed its name again in the 19th century: in 1806, under the First Empire, General Decaen called it Bonaparte Island, and in 1810 it became Borbon Island again. It became definitively Reunion Island after the fall of the July Monarchy by a decree of the Provisional Government on March 7, 1848.[8] The French then landed to take over the island.

The French then landed to take possession of it on behalf of the king in 1642 and christened it Borbon Island, in honor of the royal family. In 1646, twelve mutineers expelled from Madagascar were abandoned on the island of Reunion.

Among the twenty settlers from France, the presence of Hervé Dannemont (later Dennemont), born on December 17, 1635 in Brix (Manche), son of Jacques Dannemont, a master glassmaker, and Marie Lecarpentier, stands out. He married around 1668 at Saint-Paul to Léonarde Pillé, a native of Granville. Hervé Dennemont died on November 16, 1678. The Dannemonts of Normandy are represented, today, by about thirty families on the island of Reunion. They are also found in Mauritius and Madagascar. In Normandy, the family died out in the 18th century, having changed its name to Dalmont (its descendants are well known thanks to Camille Ricquebourg, author of the Dictionnaire généalogique des familles de Bourbon).

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