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One of the best ways to know the African continent is to travel through all its territories and learn firsthand the customs and different cultures that inhabit these areas. Therefore, in Nautalia Viajes today we want to offer you the best trips to Ghana, so you can discover one of these countries and you can see for yourself all that hides. A lot of unimaginable surprises are waiting for you. So, take advantage of our prices and discounts to go to Ghana at the best price.

Of course, Ghana has many more areas to visit than its capital and with which you can discover the essence of the country. We recommend you to travel the country from north to south to live a complete vacation experience in this incredible African territory. Below we will show you the outstanding regions that you cannot miss on your trip.

Believe it or not, Ghana boasts an immeasurable heritage spread throughout its territory. If you are a lover of culture and history and you travel to visit destinations that provide you with more knowledge during your vacation, this will be your next trip, so pay attention to what we are going to tell you below.

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One of the things that surprises more and more tourists who choose to spend their vacations in Ghana is in the very arrival at the airport, when they are greeted with the warm akwaaba (welcome) in one of their accepted dialects. And the greeting does not stop at the arrival, but you will be greeted with the universal akwaaba every time you enter a hotel, take a cab or enter a restaurant. By Akwaaba the Ghanaian people mean “welcome to a paradise that combines the charms of a tropical beach idyll with a fascinating historical heritage, rich cultural variety and interesting wildlife in the national parks.”

Known as the “gem of West Africa” or as the “Gateway to Africa” for its strategic position in the Gulf of Guinea, a few degrees north of the equator – between the Ivory Coast and Togo -, and often overshadowed by countries like Zanzibar, Mozambique, Nigeria or Kenya, we find Ghana, a wonderful African country that stands out for many reasons (some not so good) and that we want to highlight in this new article in our travel blog.

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TRAVELING TO GHANA. Ghana is a very easy country to travel, so when I read the Bradt’s Ghana guide and saw that the author made this comment, I could not agree more. Although I made a short visit to this beautiful country, I wanted to dare to make a basic guide to travel there, and leave here my experience and the data I have collected.

About accommodation, you have several levels to choose from, from the most basic to luxury hotels (depending on the city). Prices vary a lot from one city to another and the average for a simple hotel is 15€ double room.

When the colonization of America began, these forts became prisons where slaves awaited their harsh and sad fate. Places where thousands of people were crammed together, treated like animals and brought from different parts of Africa. The Gulf of Guinea, where Ghana is located, was from where most of the ships loaded with slaves departed, since it was easy to dock the ships without the need of ports.

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As I say in the video above, I went to Ghana to meet up with my cousin Pablo and live more closely his experience as a volunteer in this African country. It was just over two weeks in which there was time for many things: living with a Ghanaian family, eating exotic food, seeing how NGOs work, reflecting on life with my cousin, enjoying a night out in a seaside hotel, and even selling pizza in a street market… But what do you need to know if you want to travel to Ghana? Maybe this article will interest you:

Keep in mind that Ghana’s climate is generally tropical, the lowest temperatures are usually in August with about 24 degrees on average and the highest in March with 28 degrees on average. Rain is predominant, especially in the months of June and July. In other words, you have to be prepared for heat and rain, so:

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