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I am getting married in 2009 and one of the options we thought about for our honeymoon is South Africa, but I have consulted books and the internet and I am a little scared about the current diseases of the African continent.

Cape Town is a very European city, and a marvel, the people are very welcoming, the food is incredible, and the best thing is the prices, I think it is my only vacation that I came back with money because I did not spend as much as expected, and it is not that we did not do things but because the prices are very low.

If I want to offend anyone, I just want to warn you to be careful if you go to the poorest areas. Always stay where you see white South Africans and you will be fine. I saw some very nasty things when I lived there and they were always among the poorest people in the country.

The local food is usually very good and I recommend that you take back BILTONG, which is like dried sausage made from ostrich. You have to buy and cook yourself BOEREWORS which are the typical South African sausages of which there are thousands of varieties. My favorite was always the CHAMPIONSHIP from SHOPRITE supermarket.

Vaccinations to enter South Africa

What we indicate below is the information of what we believe to be essential, but each trip and destination needs to be studied in detail to check that we did not forget anything important before starting the adventure.

But let’s develop this a little more and although we can say that South Africa has a temperate climate that reminds us of the Mediterranean climate, with mild and rainy winters and warm and sunny summers, but this always depends on the altitude and in the area where you are, as being a country with such a large this can vary.

European Union citizens do not require a visa to enter South Africa for stays of less than 90 days and the passport must be valid for at least 30 days from the day of entry into the country and have two blank pages.

To enter Swaziland it is necessary to have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 3 months from the day of entry into the country and must have at least 3 blank pages. Visas are issued at the borders.

Requirements for travel to south africa covid

You must have your passport in force before traveling to South Africa, a document that must meet these two requirements: It must have an expiration date of at least 30 days after the date of departure from the country and have 2 blank pages.

Malaria treatment is advisable if you are going to visit risk areas, located in the northeast of the country, such as the Kruger Park. In the big cities there is no risk of being bitten by the mosquito that transmits the disease.

Being located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons in South Africa are the opposite of those in Europe. Winter in South Africa, which runs from June to September, is dry and not too cold. This is the best time to enjoy the wildlife. The vegetation is less lush and the animals concentrate on the rivers to drink. In addition, the southern whale begins to reach the coast. It is also a good season for outdoor activities and sports.

The South African spring is from September to November. Temperatures rise during the day. It is a season that allows us to see beautiful landscapes full of flowers, such as those of the West Coast National Park, about 90 kilometers from Cape Town.

Requirements for travel to South Africa

Welcome to the most romantic city on the entire continent, Cape Town presents an infinite amount of distinctive curiosities, magical secrets of times past and awe-inspiring nature. In 2014, it was named the world’s leading destination to visit, a wise decision by the celebrated New York Times. It stood out a second place in Travel and Leisure’s list of most prestigious and important vacation destinations and was also considered the second best city in Africa by the Traveller’s Choice Awards.

It is unimaginable that Cape Town is close to the true safari sanctuary of South Africa… A Cape luxury, linked with the wildlife of the Kruger Park? A day of exploration among Africa’s Big Five? Along with a rich cocktail on private terraces of the highest-end resorts? Unbelievable just to imagine it.

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