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Recommended immunizations include yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and meningitis.  Plan to pack antimalarial drugs, insect repellent and loose-fitting, long-sleeved clothing to protect against mosquito bites.

To apply for a business visa, you will need two more documents in addition to those listed above.  In fact, you will need to present a partnership document and a letter of invitation that have been signed and dated by the management of the Cameroonian company.

These documents must mention the reason and duration of your stay, as well as the address, travel and stay costs, respectively.  Please note that the business visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days.

Students, on the other hand, must present a certificate of enrollment or re-enrollment in a university or other institution of higher education.  As for students, they are required to present their internship contract duly completed and signed by their university and sponsor.

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The trip has a duration of eight days at destination (10 in total with the round trip) during which we will travel slowly, without haste. So that we have time to understand, to assimilate and to internalize. With a program that guides us but with flexibility, letting things happen to us and enjoying them. We will be open to situations and opportunities. We will leave room for improvisation. We will interact with others and with each other and ourselves. There will be group spaces and private spaces for each of us. We will not only see and do, but we will live and feel the journey. As each group will be different, each trip will be different.

We will enjoy the excursions in the area always in the most sustainable and responsible way. That is, we will travel to immerse ourselves in the culture, contribute to the local economy through their businesses and get a good idea of what life is like there.

And apart from all this we will record a video. Yes, yes. A video with the choreographies that we will work on during those days and that will remain as a souvenir forever. So that every time you see it you can go back to that moment and relive it in all its dimension.

Decameron Travel Agency

Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory and typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, tetanus, typhoid and meningitis vaccination is recommended. However, it is important to visit the international vaccination center for proper information.

The currency of Cameroon is the Cefa Franc (CFA). It is not easy to pay with a credit card or to withdraw money from ATMs, so it is best to change euros or dollars into local currency either at the airport, banks or hotels. Currently, 1 euro is equivalent to 655 CFA.

This park, which has been plagued by poaching, still conserves important antelope populations. The Benoué River is inside the park, where a herd of hippopotamus survives.

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Terres llunyanes

This African country is also known for its indigenous musical styles, especially Makossa and Bikutsi. It is an ideal destination to get into the most authentic Black Africa: diverse, safe and still virgin from the tourist point of view. Among its diverse ecosystems, the extensive equatorial forest stands out, of great beauty and with a great diversity of flora and fauna.

In the urban areas, where the western influence is more important, you can also appreciate a strong cultural roots that are kept alive through strong family ties and periodic rituals to honor the ancestors.

Mandara Mountains. A volcanic plain marked by basalt cliffs, a formidable and evocative lunar landscape. This place enjoys a well-deserved fame among African hikers. Here we will be able to meet several villages of the Kapsiki ethnic group.

You can navigate the Lobe River through mangroves and an increasingly narrow forest, you will reach a village of palm leaf huts of the Bagdeli Pygmies, one of the few remaining hunter-gatherer peoples in the world.

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