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Tourism in Angola is not exactly a thriving industry, although the country has been trying to move forward since 2002 in a slow and painful reconstruction led by a democratic but corrupt government.

Although it does not offer too many security guarantees, tourism in Angola can be very rewarding and allows you to visit absolutely spectacular natural parks and wonders such as the Kalendula Falls, but it is advisable not to lower your guard with regard to security and avoid areas that are still troubled, such as the Lundas. When traveling by road, precautions should be taken, as there are still many active anti-personnel mines.

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If you are thinking of a new destination in which to spend your vacations, in Nautalia Viajes we make your choice easy, because with our incredible travel deals to Angola you can not refuse the opportunity to set course to this wonderful country. In addition, you can do it at the best price thanks to our unbeatable discounts. Don’t waste your time and come and discover this majestic African territory. Incredible landscapes and a fascinating culture are two of the main characteristics of this country. So, don’t wait any longer and come and enjoy your vacations in Angola.

If you feel like going on vacation and discover a completely different place from what you are used to, Nautalia brings you a most amazing destination: Angola. Travel to the African continent and discover the Angolan territory, where you will have the pleasure of living really incredible experiences.

Angola is a fascinating territory for everything you can discover in it. It has a multitude of things to offer you, although if there were to highlight something it would be its natural reserves, which constitute a tourist jewel of the most amazing. Let yourself be seduced by fascinating environments that will be worth to know. Do not wait any longer!

Rift valley

Angola is one of those corners of the world that remain to be discovered. Traveling to Angola is an experience where we will be fascinated with the culture and geography of this country. Emerging National Parks, remnants of the Portuguese colonial past and an ethnic richness only comparable to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia.

It is mandatory to obtain a visa to enter Angola. It can be obtained at the Angolan embassy in Madrid ( or pre-visa online and obtain it on arrival at destination.

Capital of the south. Interesting colonial center with an Art-déco cathedral and beautiful neo-baroque buildings from the Portuguese era, which were saved from being destroyed during the bloody Civil War.

Located north of Luanda (about 40 kilometers) Santiago Beach is known for hosting dozens of boats anchored to their fate. The passage of time is diminishing its structures, in an ideal landscape for photographers’ cameras.

It is located 70 kilometers south of Luanda and is home to hundreds of animal species. As for the possibility of staying overnight in this area there are bungalows in the middle of the park, although we will have to bring our own food. The Park, like many others in Africa, is closed during the rainy season.

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Please note that you will need to obtain a visa, and it is advisable to apply well in advance. Also, keep an eye out for information on travel restrictions or recommendations posted online by your own country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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