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If you can’t wait any longer and want to make this South Africa itinerary a reality, you don’t have to, because it’s easy to travel. The country has been open to tourism for a few months now and restrictions are minimal.

Moreover, as we will tell you throughout this article, the requirements for travel to South Africa now in 2022 are very easy to meet. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers against the coronavirus can enter the African nation.

What will you find if you travel to South Africa now?  A climate of normality. On June 23, all pandemic-related measures were lifted. In fact, it is not even necessary to wear masks indoors.

South Africa promises you a thousand adventures, which is why IATI Backpacker is the best insurance for this trip. Not only does it cover you for a silly accident like a sprained ankle while walking around Cape Town, but you’ll also be protected while doing adventure sports like diving with the great white shark or hiking in search of animals in the Kruger Park.

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A country of colors, history, traditions and spectacular flora and fauna. A place that travelers fall in love with for its originality, for its unparalleled offer of places to discover, and for the freedom that permeates the air. Fall in love with this destination as so many others have, and discover why, no matter where you go, you will feel full and happy at all times. Is it its climate, its landscapes, its cuisine?

Another place to include in your visit is the Zeit Museum of Contemporary Art, which exhibits great works on the 10 floors of the building. Finally, Long Street is the area where all the cultures that make Cape Town their home converge.

Famous for being South Africa’s most mobile port and for its colonial and Indian heritage, Durban gives you many reasons to make it worth your visit. Its fabulous waterfront with the “Golden Mile” promenade and lively cultural offerings make this cosmopolitan destination a must during your trip to Southern Africa.

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A country with 11 official languages, South Africa’s great diversity has earned it the nickname the Rainbow Nation, and no matter where you head once your flight lands in South Africa, you’ll find beauty and wonder around every corner.

Essential information for flights to South AfricaBefore you fly to South AfricaThe baggage allowance for your flight will depend on your class of travel and point of departure. Passengers starting their journey in Africa may check two pieces of up to 23 kg each in Economy class and two pieces of 32 kg each in First or Business class.

Travel Tips to South Africa

Some travelers are a little afraid to travel to South Africa, but I must say that it runs along a path of total tranquility. It would only be necessary to have the precaution to avoid walking and without knowledge Johannesburg, since it is very certain that this city is dangerous to cross freely, out of the district of Sandton, where we offer the lodging.

As for the rest of South Africa I have to say that it is a quiet country with contrasts like you will not see in the rest of Africa. On the one hand the South Africa of the whites, the cities, which are fully western and have a high standard of living and on the other the one that is more rural and that is actually where the rest of the population lives with less means. In any case, you can move around with peace of mind and with the precautions of any tourist.

Our summer, between June and September, corresponds to its winter, it is a fairly dry season that allows you to see the animals better as the landscape is more bare, but it also means cooler temperatures and that is noticeable when you get up early to go on safari. In addition there is less national tourism and this always translates into a better experience.

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