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Since May 1, 2005, I have been backpacking the world to document the hospitality and daily life of the most unusual destinations through my chronicles. I write travel books to contribute to the nomadic revolution.

On the other hand, I was saying it now. On the way back. And the place I was supposed to readapt to was not Africa but my home and my country, the familiar, the empanadas and the friends, the running water and the constant wifi connection, the cutlery and the traffic lights.

It is only possible to slip through the crowd calculating your steps three meters in advance to avoid the legions of ticket touts who, if you are muzungu and in an act of physical marketing, will pull you into their vehicle with a jerk of the forearm, without asking you where you are going.

This devaluation of “personal space” (I read the quotation marks and choruses of African laughter erupt in my head) is something you soon get used to. Personal space, more Africans laughing their asses off. I finished understanding the subject, or rather, I resigned myself to it, the day I was shouted “Hey, muzungu, this is Africa! I tell them.

Round the World Motorcycle Tour Africa #162

Since I was a baby I have been traveling: first, with parents; then, with friends and boyfriends; then, alone. I have fearlessly visited several European, American and Asian countries, and I always feel that tickle of excitement in my stomach when I see myself on the road. But in the midst of my infatuation with planet Earth, one corner of it was resisting me: Africa. Sub-Saharan black Africa. Imposing, complicated, remote.

7. Because I love nature, rural life and solitude: The whole world has beautiful corners but African nature has captivated me. I have not slept under more starry skies than in Tanzania nor have I seen more wild animals in freedom than there. I have not experienced more spectacular sunsets or tasted such authentic rural life, with all its good and bad things. Except when I went to Zanzibar in August and got overwhelmed with so many foreigners on the beach, I don’t usually meet tourists, which I like very much because it increases my feeling that I am really on another planet.

THE PROBLEM OF AFRICA EN | Round the World Motorcycle Tour

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No more pants – Trip to AFRICA (MAF #20)

Now that we have regained the desire to travel (or did we never lost it?), now that there are fewer obstacles and restrictions, now that the world is once again a board on which to direct our pieces, now is the time to travel to Africa. That remote, complex and unfathomable land that, nevertheless, traps those who dare to discover it.

Africa enchants with its landscapes and its overwhelming fauna. The sleepy and monotonous savannah, the tropical rainforest, the arid desert lands, the icy slopes of the mountains, the white sandy beaches soaked by two oceans. But also for its immaterial, ethereal, almost magical features.

For the magic of its light, which gives unforgettable scenes. For the slowness of time, that other notion of existence that leads to live without urgency. But also for the strength of the group that responds to its tribal tradition. For all this and much more, it is time to discover the black continent, full of color and movement.

Once hailed as the Best Tourism Destination by the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT), Ethiopia has been recharged with political harmony, security and infrastructure development. That and a wider range of flights between Madrid and Addis Ababa make this country a perfect destination for lovers of legendary landscapes. Lalibela, Axum, Gondar or the monasteries of Tigray are just some of the examples.

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