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How to volunteer in Africa

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity abroad and would like to discover a place where you can do your bit? Today we want to tell you about volunteering in Africa and the places where you can do it so that you know where to look for a program that suits you. Take note!

In the world of international volunteering there are many different options that can suit what you are looking for. That’s why knowing what you can do will help you find the best way to combine this work with your daily life. What’s yours?

For example, you can do your bit in your own city, helping out at the headquarters of an NGO or even participating in the organization of events, such as food drives.

But if you’re looking to help on the ground, international volunteering is for you, a way to discover the problems that plague other countries by offering your selfless help. Depending on the program, you will spend a specific amount of time in that country doing different tasks that are usually adapted to your knowledge and skills. Discover all that this option has to offer you!

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No matter when, where or why: an African Impact volunteer program will only exceed your expectations. Educating yourself about community development, seeing lions and other amazing animals, learning the local languages and much more will make you want to come back to keep discovering more and more. Days full of adventures and learning experiences will surprise you with every path you take. And I must mention the most important part: the incredible impact you can leave in the local communities! This will be a different kind of trip in which you will get to see all the places you have always wanted to, while leaving your mark. This kind of experience is much more enriching than a vacation trip as a tourist. That said, here are the best meaningful volunteer and internship programs in Africa offered by African Impact.

“The internship offered me a great opportunity to deepen my understanding of NGO development and management. Working at the grassroots level allowed me to observe how the community is changing and how NGOs have been contributing to its development. It was very interesting to learn how the team manages the projects, and to be able to see how the projects are having an impact on the community, even in the short term, was amazing.”

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Volunteering in Africa with animals

Volunteering in Uganda is probably one of the best choices you can make in your life. The country will not only leave you amazed by its nature, climate and gastronomy. But also for its culture and its people.

You have probably asked yourself many times, what does it take to volunteer in Africa? Or perhaps, how to volunteer for free in Africa? Or simply, what is it like to volunteer in Africa?

Many volunteers wonder what requirements are necessary to volunteer in Africa. In reality, with the exception of medical volunteering in Africa, all you need is a positive attitude, to be very proactive, respect for African culture, traditions and beliefs and, above all, a great desire to collaborate.

In the countries where we collaborate within the African continent through international volunteering, you will see that our programs are mainly focused on social volunteering in Africa, although you will also find volunteering with animals in Africa, to volunteer with turtles or elephants in Africa.

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