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Travel itinerary to Africa


Through this selection of readings we make a journey that, in addition to being from North to South, also opens the doors to different points of view and themes, real and fictional stories with which to fly from the living room from the first page.

A window wide open to a reality that, although it may feel distant, is just a few kilometers away from the world we know. Perhaps now, in times of coronavirus, is the best time to develop the necessary empathy that this reading provides.

“I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills…” is perhaps one of the most memorable lines in the history of cinema. But the film starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford – winner of seven Oscars in 1986 – was born of paper and pencil.

The Chilean Isabel Allende manages, through her protagonists Alexander and Nadia, to take us on a new adventure through Africa with Kate and her team of International Geographic photographers.

Touring Africa by car

After crossing Egypt, the 944 faced its first major obstacle, the Nubian Desert. It was 500 kilometers of unpaved roads, simple undulating dirt tracks across the vast, empty expanses of southern Sudan, with temperatures regularly topping 40 degrees Celsius. “The Porsche was able to withstand the punishment,” says Coombs. “All we lost was the exhaust pipe, but we strapped it to the roof and so we kept going.” The route ran from relatively green areas of Ethiopia to the Kenyan border, where the car and drivers faced the biggest challenge of the trip. The drive from Moyale to Marzabit skirted the troubled and dangerous border between Kenya and Somalia, a lawless region with violent tribal skirmishes and smuggling. “It’s 500 kilometers of really bad roads where you’re not meant to stop. Not to mention the breakdowns,” Ben explains.

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Traveling in Africa

If what we like is nature, from Saint-Louis we can book an excursion to the Langue de Barbarie. This National Park is a bird reserve where we will see a great number of species. The delight of every ornithologist. If we have time to spare we can also go to the Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj, another interesting reserve known as the Bird Park.

Many pass it by, but it is true that Mbour deserves a stop along the way. The most characteristic of the place is to visit its busy fishing port. Every evening, around 18:00h, this beach is invaded by hundreds of boats, fish sellers, ice dealers … A busy port of arrival and improvised market where we can find tuna, hake, sharks, rays, snails, ect.

At the mouth of the rivers Siné and Saloum we find this interesting wetland. Formed by accumulations of reed beds, lagoons, mangroves and marshes, the Siné-Saloum Delta will not leave us indifferent. The best way to visit the area is to stay in the village of Ndangane. Once there we have to hire a boat trip in which we will visit the most characteristic areas of the delta: Iles aux Oiseaux (pelican island), Lodj Sea and mangroves.

A great trip

After several long and pleasant conversations, we agreed on a travel program that met our requests and Dirk’s expert advice. The result, a wonderful trip and also one of the best experiences ever: the balloon flight at dawn over the Namib. We will never forget it!Carolina and CarlosNamibia 2017

Africa has something that bewitches you, bewitches you. And what better than to know them from the hand of Africa Travel. In April 2016, Dirk prepared us a beautiful trip. 4 friends in 4×4 in Namibia. The best thing is that everything was controlled, but as we were going alone, we had the feeling of an adventure. We could not ask for more. The attention on arrival, the detail they had with us, they explained everything perfectly. I will be back soon.  Mª Cristina, Sonsoles, Beatriz and SusanaNamibia, April 2017

My generation grew up associating those landscapes with adventure and exoticism. Seeing it all at your fingertips so to speak has been a dazzling and exciting experience. AngelSouth Africa, October 2018

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