Travel restrictions to netherlands from south africa

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Las autoridades sanitarias holandesas han confirmado 13 casos de la variante omicron del coronavirus entre los viajeros que llegaron a Holanda desde Sudáfrica. La Organización Mundial de la Salud advierte que el omicron es una “variante preocupante”. “ The Associated Press (@AP) November 28, 2021

“No es posible saber en este momento si la variante descubierta en Sudáfrica llegará a ser tan dominante como la delta. Quiero esperar que no, pero debemos estar atentos “ (@haaretzcom) November 28, 2021

Complimenten aan @ggdkennemerland voor het adequate handelen. De reizigers met een positieve testuitslag gaan met hun reisgenoten naar een quarantainehotel, overige passagiers in thuisquarantaine. Zaak is nu om snel te onderzoeken of het om de Omicron-variant gaat. Hugo de Jonge (@hugodejonge) November 26, 2021

Las autoridades mundiales reaccionaron con alarma el viernes ante una nueva variante del coronavirus detectada en Sudáfrica, y la UE, Gran Bretaña e India fueron algunos de los países que anunciaron controles fronterizos más estrictos mientras los científicos trataban de determinar si la mutación era resistente a las vacunas. Reuters Health (@Reuters_Health) November 26, 2021

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Meanwhile, the South African government is feeling “chastened”, believing that restrictions on flights from its territory are at bottom penalizing its advanced ability to detect variants faster than others.

At least 61 passengers on two flights from South Africa have tested positive for coronavirus tonight after landing in Amsterdam, where they were subjected to a PCR upon arrival in the Netherlands when the ban on flights from southern African countries came into force, although it is still being studied whether they carry the new omicron variant.

A health team went to Amsterdam airport, where a flight from Johannesburg and another from Cape Town had landed, to test its 600 passengers, in application of a Dutch restriction on air traffic from southern Africa due to fears of the new strain.

Although Health Minister Hugo de Jonge stressed that the new mutation had not yet been officially detected in the Netherlands, he did say that, based on what is known about other variants, the situation could change rapidly and therefore it was necessary to “slow down the arrival of this variant as much as possible”.

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The Dutch government has decided this Friday the total suspension of all flights from southern African countries as a preventive measure following the detection of nu, the new variant of the coronavirus in the region, although it did not explain the duration of this suspension of air traffic.

Brussels has proposed this Friday to ban air traffic from the South African region to prevent the spread of a new variant in Europe, a measure that has already been advanced by several countries.

Uruguay will allocate 200,000 doses of the US Pfizer vaccine to foreign tourists as of December 1, when they will be able to obtain an appointment for its administration, the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, announced on Friday.

At a press conference held at the Executive Tower, headquarters of the Uruguayan Government, together with the Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, Delgado explained that the availability of vaccines for non-residents was opened when the Executive of Luis Lacalle Pou (center-right) guaranteed the necessary amount for the country’s citizens.

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In Malta, travel to and from regions with identified cases of the variant will be temporarily banned from midnight Saturday, Chris Fearne, Malta’s deputy prime minister and health minister, said in a tweet Friday.

Israel recorded its first case of the new B.1,1,529 coronavirus variant and the country has announced that seven countries in southern Africa will be placed on a red list. This means that returnees from those countries must quarantine themselves in a designated hotel.

On Thursday night, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he had accepted the Health Ministry’s recommendations to place South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini on a new red list.

Travelers from South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Lesotho will have to remain in quarantine in government-provided facilities for 10 days from midnight local time on Saturday, November 27.

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