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The Okavango Route is a genuine African adventure in one of the most amazing and exciting destinations in the world. A complete journey that combines the most breathtaking landscapes: the historic port of Cape Town, the Namib Desert and its giant ochre dunes, the rock formations of Spitzkoppe, the wilderness of Damaraland, the exuberance of the Okavango Delta and the spectacular Victoria Falls.

With a fascinating diversity and cultural richness: the Himba semi-nomadic shepherds and their red bodies, the Herero women and their traditional dresses or the Bushmen, ancient hunter-gatherer people; in addition to the German influence of Swakopmund without forgetting the incredible cultural offer of Cape Town.

We will also discover the best wildlife sanctuaries: Gaansbay the ‘great white shark capital of the world’, the sea lion colony at Cape Cross, the desert elephants in the Torra region, the Etosha NP famous for its rhinos and predators; the birds, hippos, crocodiles of the Okavango Delta and the Chobe NP, the park with the highest concentration of elephants in the world.

This is the life of orphaned children in this African country.

Wilderness Safaris, &Beyond or Under One Botswana Sky (routes in Southern Africa and Flying Safaris) eco-friendlies accommodations, i.e., infrastructures that are integrated into nature, built with natural materials that promote recycling and the use of renewable energies. They also promote local development by hiring local workers from the region.

Elephant sands (Botswana) The water supplied for the showers is pumped from the area and has a high salinity. They purify some of this water which they bottle and sell; by buying a bottle of water from Elephant Sands you are supporting the Water & Elephant project. The proceeds go to the desalination process of the non-potable salt water. With your help we can supply fresh water to elephants and other wild animals. They strictly adhere to human rights standards, refusing any activity that suggests child or any other kind of exploration. They also encourage travelers to do their bit when visiting local communities by donating equipment, for example.

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In Namibia we were warmly welcomed, they gave us all the necessary documentation and made sure that everything was in order with the vehicle we rented. They gave us the option of renting a second spare tire, but we did not do so as we needed the space in the trunk. We were not worried about the idea of driving, although Rhino Africa warned us about the long distances and the number of hours we would be driving. Don’t forget to fill up your vehicle when you see a gas station and remember that most of the drive will be on gravel and dirt roads. Also remember that gas stations only accept cash and do not accept credit cards.

Regarding the sightseeing activities we enjoyed in Namibia, while in Sossusvlei we managed to take a full day excursion to see the dunes at sunrise. We took a magnificent photo of two hot air balloons over the dunes at sunrise. In Swakopmund we enjoyed a cruise and saw Benguela dolphins and sea lions and even had a visit from the “Picolo” seal on the boat. If we were younger we would have enjoyed some of the other sightseeing activities in Swakopmund such as surfing in the dunes, but we preferred to rent a vehicle and drive from Swakopmund to Torro Bay along the Skeleton coast. It felt like we were traveling on the moon. Looking back, I think we were a bit ambitious.

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The following is information on what we believe to be essential, but each trip and destination needs to be studied in detail to make sure that we do not forget anything important before starting the adventure.

European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter Namibia as long as their stay does not exceed 90 days. However, we recommend visitors to inquire about this before starting the trip, as it can always be subject to change. You must carry a passport valid for six months after your planned departure date from Namibia and 4 blank passport pages.

The US dollar and the Euro are the easiest currencies to exchange, they are accepted in banks, exchange houses and authorized hotels. Most hotels, restaurants, stores and safari companies in the country accept credit cards.

Hotels: to avoid tipping, some lodges are pooling this detail in a “communal tipping box” that is usually at the reception and from there they organize to distribute it among the whole team. However, it is a very good habit to give the people who carry our (sometimes very heavy) suitcases to the room 1$ or 1€ per suitcase or package.

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