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Which countries can I travel to in June 2021?

Any time is a good time to visit South Africa. The choice of the best time will always depend on the type of trip you want to make.The austral winter covers the months of June to September and is the best time for those who wish to contemplate the wildlife in the country’s national parks.This is because the environment is dry and the animals are concentrated around the rivers.However, to enjoy nature in all its splendor. However, to enjoy nature in all its splendor, it is recommended to visit South Africa in spring, from September to November, when the weather is warm and the landscape is full of flowers.

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What should I do in case of lost luggage?What should I do if I decide to extend my trip and need to extend the insurance?1. The first thing to do is to contact the commercial area 72 hours before the end date of the contracted assistance.

What should I do in case of lost luggage? How can I request a reimbursement of an expense incurred?1. In the event that you need to request a reimbursement of an expense authorized by the assistance center, we ask you to keep all the receipts, medical certificates and complete the reimbursement form.

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There are many travelers who have been to South Africa and are eager to return to this wonderful country. In social networks and blogs you will find all kinds of testimonials that will surely give you the final push to visit southern Africa, but you can not be unaware and ignore some facts. It is true that the crime rate in South African cities is high and that muggings, robberies and thefts sometimes happen. However, it is also true that the authorities are aware of this and that tourist areas are heavily guarded. In addition, a trip through the country does not only include big cities and all travelers agree that, outside of them, South Africa is a very quiet country.

Therefore, we can tell you that it is safe to travel to South Africa, but keeping some basic precautions that will make you enjoy your trip. Although traveling in the African country is not like traveling in Europe, do not become paranoid and be consistent.

Because we want you to love South Africa as much as we do, we want to give you some tips for you to plan your trip. Evaluate all the factors, visit areas where you feel comfortable and, above all, enjoy a country as great as this one.

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Although Uruguay’s borders are partially closed, there are some exceptions for the entry of foreigners. For example, family reunification with parents, spouses or unmarried minor children or elderly people with disabilities, owners of real estate located in the country, among others.

Argentines who do not have a European Union passport may not travel to Italy, except for the following exceptions: proven work reasons, absolute urgency, health reasons, study, return to a personal residence, among others.

Those who fit any of these exceptions must present a negative PCR test performed up to 72 hours before boarding. They must then serve a 10-day isolation period at the address provided in the affidavit. At the end of the isolation you will have to be re-swabbed.

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