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South Africa, Mozambique and Lesotho Félix Ramos


Travelers venture in search of its long, palm-fringed beaches, surrounded by dunes and caressed by turquoise waters glistening with colorful fish and well-preserved corals. In remote archipelagos to the north and impressive waves to the south.

We continue to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.  After visiting the capital we will go to Chongoene, a deserted beach where we will enjoy a barbecue in free camping by the sea and under the stars. We continue to the famous Tofo Beach to dive with the whale shark. After this experience we will go to a beach paradise in Vinanculos.  We will take a boat to visit the Bazaruto Islands National Park (paradise islands in the Indian Ocean).

We continue our route for another safari in Gorongosa National Park. On the way to Malawi we will stop in Tete to contemplate a sunset on the Zambezi River. We will arrive at Lake Malawi, here we will sleep in a campsite on the shore of the lake and for 3 days you will enjoy free days to visit Cape Mclear and other places of the lake, all under the vision of a breathtaking sunset.


Click for more info and get a 5% discount. A crowd of people seemed to be walking aimlessly around the market. When I found the stop I was met with incredulous looks and puzzled smiles. I guess they were not used to white people crossing into Mozambique with them. I paid 130 ZAR (rands) for my ticket to Maputo and took a seat in the van. As is often the case in Africa, I would not leave until it was full.

Ronald made the trip – in unbearable heat and without air conditioning – much more pleasant. He was a salesman for a South African hotel group and was making the trip to Zimbabwe to see family. Before that he would stop in Maputo to see a friend and have a good party. It seemed that Maputo’s reputation as a southern African party paradise was justified.

Streets of Maputo, my point of entry into MozambiqueThese types of services do not have official stops so people tell the driver where they want to get off. Add to this the fact that many of the passengers were not going to the capital but lived in villages scattered on both sides of the road from the border to Maputo, and you have a mess.

Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland (Trip to Africa 2016)

With its more than 700,000 square kilometers, the Kalahari Desert is one of the largest arid areas in the world, occupying a large part of Botswana, reaching as far as Namibia and South Africa. In Tswano, one of the languages of the area, Kalahari is pronounced Kagalagadi, meaning ‘great thirst’.

In 1849 David Livingstone was the first explorer to cross this enormous desert, although many expeditions perished before and after, trying to cross it on their way north to Botswana and Angola.

Today very few hunters with poisoned spears still pursue their prey in the Kalahari Desert, as contact with other cultures and pressure from the government to leave the reserve, has led these people to settle down and dedicate themselves to agriculture and pastoralism.

Makgadikgadi Pans is part of the largest salt pan complex in the world, covering about 16,000 square kilometers of salt pans and sandy desert. The largest single salt flat in this complex measures about 5,000 square kilometers.

Pope Francis arrives in Mozambique and begins fourth trip

Are you considering crossing the border from South Africa to Mozambique? In this article we encourage you to do so and answer some of the questions that are surely going through your head. In our case, we did a 21-day drive through South Africa and Mozambique, so imagine the adventure.

Mozambique is located in the southeast of the African continent, bordering Tanzania and Malawi to the north, and South Africa to the southwest. So it is a very valid option to enjoy its fantastic beaches and rest from your tour of South Africa.

To enter Mozambique from South Africa you can do it by land or by air. Normally, people who consider crossing from one country to another is because they are visiting the Kruger Park and the neighboring country is very close, or because they are in Swaziland and want to spend a few days relaxing in the beautiful Mozambique.

After 3 hours of negotiation with via telephone, we were able to get them to assume the difference in price between the 2000€ and the 115€ that we had signed thanks to having a proof of the contract with the final price of the car.

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