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Through this selection of readings we make a journey that, in addition to being from North to South, also opens the doors to different points of view and themes, real and fictional stories with which to fly from the living room from the first page.

A window wide open to a reality that, although it may feel distant, is just a few kilometers away from the world we know. Perhaps now, in times of coronavirus, is the best time to develop the necessary empathy that this reading provides.

“I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills…” is perhaps one of the most memorable lines in the history of cinema. But the film starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford – winner of seven Oscars in 1986 – was born of paper and pencil.

The Chilean Isabel Allende manages, through her protagonists Alexander and Nadia, to take us on a new adventure through Africa with Kate and her team of International Geographic photographers.


Tours in Africa: home of living nature, wild, majestic and in constant movement, with incredible landscapes and spectacular beaches. Origin of humanity and home to authentic and diverse tribes.

Consult the particular conditions of each circuit in the brochure corresponding to the trip of your choice. You can also read the general conditions of contracting package tours established by the tour operator that organizes the trip on the website of the tour operator itself.

In the tours of Kenya and starting from the capital, Nairobi, we can find visits to the Nakuru and Naivasha lakes, and make photographic safaris through the nature reserves of Masai Mara and Shaba or the National Parks of Aberdare, Samburu or Amboseli, with the legendary Kilimanjaro volcano, and even make walking safaris escorted by Masai warriors.

In Uganda, tour operators offer the Gorillas in the Mist truck route from Entebbe to Jinja, on the shores of Lake Victoria, from where you leave for the Ziwa rhino sanctuary, continuing on to Masindi, from where you visit the Murchison Falls National Park, on the course of the Nile River, continuing on to the Budongo rainforest, to Fort Portal, next to the Rwenzori mountain range. From there, safaris depart to Queen Elisabeth National Park, and visit Lake Bunyonyi, to continue on to Rwanda. Other circuits pass through Kampala, the capital, and access the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, home to an important gorilla colony.

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Extreme temperature fluctuations only allow life in the Sahara in limited ways. In the midday heat, a living thing cannot remain in the scorching sun for more than a few minutes before its body temperature rises to a life-threatening level.

However, some species have adapted remarkably well to the hot life in the Sahara. Silver ants, for example, have natural sun protection thanks to their silvery color, which reflects light in a manner similar to a spacesuit and allows them to make excursions of up to 15 minutes in the blazing sun, even at the hottest midday heat, before having to retreat to their sand holes.

Another fascinating example is the desert rose, known as the “rolling bush.” This shrub, also known as the resurrection plant, can survive for decades without water. If its location is dry enough, the wind rips it out of the sand and it rolls over the dunes. If the desert rose lands in one of the Sahara’s rare pools of water, its branches unfurl in a matter of minutes and absorb precious water.


We invite you to enjoy Southern Africa, where we also include the most spectacular activities: canoes, light aircraft, boats, night safaris, walking safaris, horseback riding and trekking are some of the proposals to explore in depth one of the most complete and varied destinations in the world.

Rising in the middle of a great plain, these hills offer us the most important set of Bushman cave paintings in the whole continent. Qualified as the “Louvre of the desert” due to the presence of more than 4000 paintings in an exceptional state of preservation and spread over four hills, the Tsodilo Hills have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Upon entering Botswana, the Kavango River changes its name to Okavango and begins to open up into numerous channels and islands to form the Okavango Delta, one of the most diverse, rich and beautiful ecosystems on the planet.

Being the largest inland delta in the world, its channels are traveled in speedboats, through thousands of papyrus plants, and where the depth no longer permits, mekoro boats are used. With these traditional boats you can explore its interior, to tour it and understand this ecosystem, its flora and fauna.

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