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The report is based on 1970 interviews with migrants from 39 African countries who arrived on European soil through irregular channels and not because they had applied for asylum or international protection. These migrants now live in 13 European nations.

UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said the report underscored the urgency of accelerating development in Africa. “Despite progress, development is uneven and not fast enough to meet people’s aspirations,” he said.

“By helping us clarify why people choose to leave through irregular channels and what they face when they do, the study adds to the critical debate on the role of human mobility in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and on the best approaches to regulating such migration.”

“The idea of trying to reduce the burden of migration is to look at its causes. It’s government policies that trap people in poverty, they don’t develop anything. The schools that don’t exist, the lack of health services, the corruption, the pressure. That pushes people to migrate”: Serge

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Trade goods from Europe were shipped to Africa for sale and exchanged for enslaved Africans. In turn, Africans were taken to the regions depicted in blue, in what became known as the “Middle Passage.” The enslaved Africans were then exchanged for raw materials, which were returned to Europe to complete the Triangular Trade.

The Middle Passage was considered an intermediary time for those trading from Africa to America. The proximity and intentional division of African communities pre-established by the ship’s crew motivated captive Africans to forge kinship ties that later created enforced transatlantic communities.[4] The length of the transatlantic voyage varied.

The duration of the transatlantic voyage varied widely, from one to six months, depending on weather conditions.[2] The voyage became more efficient over the centuries; while an early 16th century transatlantic voyage averaged several months, by the 19th century the crossing often required less than six weeks.[9] The voyage was often completed in less than six weeks.[10] The African captives were then forced to travel the length of the transatlantic journey.[11] The African captives were then forced to travel the length of the transatlantic voyage.

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