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If the program is for a maximum of 12 weeks, you can apply for a Tourist Visa, which is free, you only have to pay for sending the documents to the embassy in Caracas and its return, which has a cost of COP $400.000.  For higher courses (13 weeks or more), you must apply for a Study Visa which costs USD $46.22 plus the sending of the application to the embassy in Caracas and its return, which costs COP $400.000.  The visa is initially granted for 90 days and must travel with a round trip ticket (90 days maximum), once in South Africa you must apply for an extension and move the return date of the air ticket.

The economic solvency must cover the total value of the course, the tickets and an amount between 600 USD and 1000 USD for each month of stay. If you go for more than 90 days you must apply for a visa extension and demonstrate a financial solvency of 1000 USD for each additional month.

More trips cancelled: new restrictions in USA, Canada

Once on Canadian territory, travelers must again take a test and wait for the results at a designated hotel. If they test negative, they can go to their destinations, but will have to do a 14-day quarantine. They will also be asked to take a test after eight days, when they have been quarantined for a week and a day.

This new variant, found in South Africa, is being analyzed by the World Health Organization (WHO), whose advisors are holding a special session to gather all the necessary information.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has asked the Canadian government to take action this Friday.Photo: La Presse canadienne / Chris YoungIsrael has also reported a case of this new variant of the coronavirus, in a person who traveled to this country from Malawi.

In Canada, the Premier of Ontario said he contacted the federal government to express my absolute concern about the risks it (the variant) poses and the need for immediate action today.

COVID19/ South Africa criticizes ‘draconian’ bans

Plugs, sockets, adapters and the rest of the information you need to travel from Canada to South Africa on this page. If you want a report with other countries, restart the wizard to find electrical adapters for your trip here.

Your Canadian electrical devices are made to use 120 Volts, but the South African grid provides 220 Volts, this is a substantial difference that requires you to take some additional steps in preparation for your trip:

On the positive side, nowadays many devices automatically adapt to the mains voltage and work perfectly, for example, cell phone chargers are often multi-voltage (but please check yours in particular). It is important to pay attention to the voltage of your device. By connecting the electronics to the wrong voltage, in the luckiest of cases, the device will break or temporarily stop working; but do not take this lightly in the worst case electrocution and fire are a real possibility.

South Africa suffers alarming upsurge in covid cases

Due to Omicron, many countries have chosen to increase restrictions in order to curb the increase in reported infections. First, the suspension of flights with South Africa by the European Union. The return of teleworking, the closure of nightlife and restrictions on the hotel and catering trade have also been announced by some European countries.

On the other hand, the Swiss epidemiologist Emma Hodcroft assured that, unlike Omicron, a key mutation missing from BA.2 is the S gene, by means of which the original variant can be identified with a PCR test. Some researchers call BA.2 “stealthy” because it cannot be differentiated from other variants with a PCR test that is always performed to detect new infections.

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