Safest places in africa to travel

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Traveling to Africa is always a discovery. The neighboring continent has the ability to transform us in the deepest part of our being. The way of seeing life, the immensity of the landscapes, the harmony with nature… we have much more to learn than we think.

On the trips to Africa that we have selected, a completely transforming experience awaits you. Not only will you see lions, elephants and leopards, but you will also learn about a more sustainable way of living in local communities.

From top accommodations such as the Arusha Cofee Lodge, it is possible not only to go on safaris in the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Area but also to learn about coffee cultivation or visit tribes who maintain their nomadic way of life with pastoralism.

Tanzania also stands out for having a beautiful island, Zanzibar, which is a luxurious finishing touch to a safari with a private beach. A union of adventure and relaxation with first-class resorts in an Indian paradise.

Best places in Africa

We have made the following document summarizing the protocols that apply today in each of the countries we work. As we all know, nowadays everything is very changeable and some aspects may vary from today to when you are going to travel. In any case, we are in permanent contact with the competent authorities in each of the countries through official bodies of each country as well as through our correspondents at destination and when the time comes, we will advise you and we will make your life easy to travel, do not hesitate to do so. A little further down we indicate the rest of the countries, do not miss it.

Vacation spots in Africa

If you are about to head for this incredible continent, it is quite normal that, like thousands of other travelers, you are wondering what is the best travel insurance to Africa with which to have your back covered if something happens to you during your visit.

The incredible safaris in Kenya, gorilla watching in Uganda, a trip along the Nile in Egypt, the deserts of Namibia… There is so much to see here! Therefore, it is essential to do it knowing that you have an international policy that assures you the necessary protection.

But we are talking about the “best” travel insurance for Africa because it goes far beyond your health and also covers you for all those incidents that can occur in this type of destination. Thus, you will also have coverage for cases such as theft, problems with your luggage, incidents with your transportation or, among many others, the repatriation on which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs insists so much.

In the following section we will go deeper into the coverage that your insurance for Africa should have, but if you are already aware of the enormous importance of having it and you want to go for it, we will tell you which are the 2 best options.

Cheapest countries to travel in Africa

Africa is not to be missed on the world map. The colonial era has left clear traces on the fibrous borders, but the fascinating cultures are well preserved and nature is on the verge of vanishing. If you’re looking for magnificent cultural and natural experiences, Africa is the place to go.

Egypt cannot avoid its great attraction; the pyramids and Giza. The ancient history remains fascinating. Like frenetic Cairo, camel rides in the sandy desert, boat rides on the Nile and diving in the Red Sea at Sharm el-Sheik. The ancient city of Luxor with the Valley of the Kings is a good starting point.

North Africa is ideal for travel if you want to clear the sky and don’t want to spend too much time on transportation. Here you can soak up the sun, stimulate the senses and explore a different and impressive culture, and while there can be intense places and chaotic cities, there are always quieter alternatives too.

Ghana is the most obvious and popular country to visit. The country attracts many volunteers and rightly so. It is easy and safe to travel, English is spoken and it is possible to immerse yourself in Danish colonial history, for example at Christiansborg Fort, go on jungle safari and surf the waves off the coast.

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