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Discovered by the mythical Dr. Livingstone, the Victoria Falls form the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and represent one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, once known by the local tribes as ‘the smoke that thunders’ due to the dense and noisy blanket formed by the water as it falls and bounces back up again.

Located in the west of the island of Madagascar, the Avenue or Promenade of the Baobabs is a spectacular group of baobab trees located on both sides of a dirt road, an astonishing landscape famous the world over.

Mali is home to a multitude of ethnic groups with their own cultural customs, but the most striking is that of the Dogon, whose mud houses built on the Bandiagara Rift, their masked dances and religious traditions captivate the intrepid traveler.

Cape Town

The African continent has a huge variety of experiences to suit every traveler, from safaris in Kenya, to cultural trips in Ethiopia and seeing gorillas up close in Uganda. Here are Africa’s must-see places to visit.

Ethiopia is a country full of ancient culture where you will find interesting buildings and archaeological artifacts. Some of the most popular places are the ancient ruins of Axum, Gondar Castle and the Omo Valley.

Kenya is one of the most popular African countries for safaris, largely because it is where you can see the Great Migration. During this natural phenomenon, more than two million animals make a migratory circle across the Serengeti plains, passing from Tanzania to Kenya’s famous Maasai Mara National Reserve and back.

If you want to see a good representation of African wildlife, this is probably the best place to take a game drive. Gravel roads run throughout the park, and there are special designated areas where you can stop for lunch.


Africa is not to be missed on the world map. The colonial era has left clear traces on the fibrous borders, but the fascinating cultures are well preserved and nature is on the verge of vanishing. If you’re looking for magnificent cultural and natural experiences, Africa is the place to go.

Egypt cannot avoid its great attraction; the pyramids and Giza. The ancient history remains fascinating. Like frenetic Cairo, camel rides in the sandy desert, boat rides on the Nile and diving in the Red Sea at Sharm el-Sheik. The ancient city of Luxor with the Valley of the Kings is a good starting point.

North Africa is ideal for travel if you want to clear the sky and don’t want to spend too much time on transportation. Here you can soak up the sun, stimulate the senses and explore a different and impressive culture, and while there can be intense places and chaotic cities, there are always quieter alternatives too.

Ghana is the most obvious and popular country to visit. The country attracts many volunteers and rightly so. It is easy and safe to travel, English is spoken and it is possible to immerse yourself in Danish colonial history, for example at Christiansborg Fort, go on jungle safari and surf the waves off the coast.

Poorest places in Africa

Today we visit the African continent, one of the most amazing and incomparable on the planet, described as the cradle of humanity. It is the third largest continent, after Asia and America, located between the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Indian Ocean to the east, the Mediterranean Sea separates it to the north from the European continent. These 50 must-see places to visit in Africa will not leave you indifferent.

Its ancestral customs make traveling to Africa one of the favorite places to visit. Its economy is based on trade and industry, being a paradise for lovers of places full of magic, magic and natural wealth, key words to enjoy this land of grace.

Suitcases ready, comfortable clothes, sunscreen at hand, plane ticket and let’s fly; we will take you to the 50 places in Africa that will leave you breathless, with total security will exceed all your expectations.

Among its most outstanding places, we have: The Mythical Pyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, The Citadel, The Mosque of Mohammed Ali, The Pyramid of Chephren, The Papyrus Museum, The Souks and The Labyrinthine Alleys of one of the most traditional cities in the world.

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