Places to travel in south africa

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Just take a look at the weather in South Africa, choose the best time and, presto, a land full of opportunities is waiting for you. Whether it’s South Africa’s best cities, beaches, museums or markets, an incredible experience is waiting for you.

Just a few meters from Cape Town but in the middle of the ocean lies Robben Island. This island is a living example of the turbulent history South Africa went through before reaching the stability it enjoys today.

Today, Robben Island allows visitors to learn more about the history of that era. Together with the Apartheid Museums in Johannesburg and the Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha, they are the best reflections of an era that is now far behind us.

Cradle of the Big Five, it is one of the places with the largest rhino population. So much so, that it is giving some specimens to the Serengeti in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya, the other two most popular parks in the world for a safari and where they had almost disappeared.

Cape Town

Source: Pixabay3. Kirtenbosch Botanical GardenWith an extension of over 500 hectares, the Kirtenbosch Botanical Garden is the largest of the eight botanical gardens in southern Africa. Located at the foot of Table Mountain, inside you can admire the extraordinary flora of the area, which includes more than 7,000 varieties of plants. It has a permanent exhibition of sculptures made of Zimbabwean stone and a hiking trail for lovers of hiking, the Skeleton Gorge. If you prefer, you can also take a guided walking tour of the most outstanding areas of the garden: Pixabay4. iSimangaliso Wetland ParkThis place was declared a World Heritage Site and has the largest population of hippos in the entire continent. It is located around the tourist town of St. Lucia and is home to the largest estuary in Africa, which means having a great diversity of fauna and flora thanks to its five ecosystems. In iSimangaliso you will find everything from swamps to stunning beaches such as Cape Vidal.

Beautiful places in South Africa

I want to clarify one point: this mini guide is ideal for those who travel to South Africa on their own because that is what I did. I didn’t pay for a travel agency to set up the route for me, but I let the destination itself do it for me during the 22 days of the trip.

This will depend on your country of birth. For example, I am Chilean and I only needed my passport to travel there. For many countries it is not necessary to apply for a visa if you will stay in the country for less than 90 days (3 months).

This is one of the most frequent doubts for those who visit South Africa, especially if they come from Latin America. Most of the trips from this part of the continent have a stopover in Sao Paulo (Brazil), so the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. And when I say it is mandatory, it is real. I was asked for the vaccination certificate when I was about to board the plane to Johannesburg and if I had not had the famous paper, I would not have been able to take the plane. So do not take this point lightly.

South Africa locations

South Africa, a safari destination par excellence and nature at its purest. Traveling to South Africa will give you an amazing experience with beautiful landscapes and wildlife up close. It has the best parks for a safari and surprise you with its animals of all kinds.

Beyond being an exotic destination with its fauna and flora, you will appreciate a fascinating culture. It is very interesting to walk through its streets, communities and tourist attractions, because although many think that it is only African jungle, you will appreciate a lot of corners of absolute beauty.

As it is a fairly large territory it is good to have a plan or travel itinerary, which in 15 days will be enough to go to the must-see and emblematic sites of South Africa. If you are interested and excited to embark on this adventure, we have prepared a tour with the best places to visit in South Africa, so let’s get started!

Among the things to see in South Africa in 15 days there are several that are a must. Of course, you can’t miss a safari in the Kruger Park, visit Cape Town and Johannesburg, the most populated city.

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