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They generally made their landfall well down the coast, somewhere between Point Conception and Cape San Lucas… After all, these were preeminently merchant ships, and the business of exploration lay outside their field, though chance discoveries were welcomed.

With such limitations it was essential to build the galleon as large as possible, becoming the largest known class of ships built anywhere up to that time.[4] In the 16th century, they averaged 1700 to 2000 tons, were built of Philippine timbers and could carry a thousand passengers. The Concepción, which was wrecked in 1638, had a length of 43 to 49 meters and displaced about two thousand tons. The Santísima Trinidad was 51.5 meters long. Most of the ships were built in the Philippines and only eight in Mexico.

The shipwrecks of the Manila galleons are legends followed only by the shipwrecks of the galleons in the Caribbean. In 1568, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s own ship, the San Pablo (three hundred tons), was the first Manila galleon to be destroyed en route to Mexico.

The Manila Galleon

All Europe is entering the spring heat so it is a good time to visit almost any country. If you prefer, you can also visit Jordan as it has warm weather and no rainfall. The Caribbean is already ending its high season although you can go before the rainy season starts. This month is not the best month to travel to Asia, it is its low season, with the exception of Japan or parts of China. India starts its monsoon season and so does Sri Lanka.

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Philippine Independence

I consider myself an adventurous person, with quite a few trips already behind me, and although in all trips there are unforeseen events, things that don’t go well, less pleasant situations,… they are all part of the overall experience of the trip.    All these experiences that surround it are in the end the ones that leave a mark on your personality and allow you to grow, and that make it so exciting.

But in the Philippines those experiences have not been like in other trips, for me the Philippines has been a much more difficult trip than any other and here I want to tell you why. My goal is not to belittle the country, far from it, but to manage a little those expectations that we create seeing pictures in the networks, so that the word that sums up your trip is IMPRESSIVE.

If it rains, the typical images with turquoise waters of the photos will not be there, if there are storms and winds the boats to those destinations will not sail, if the weather is bad the means of transport if you have to change destination within the Philippines can be complicated, if there is a storm the visibility of the seabed will decrease or you will not be able to dive at all.

Manila galleon route

After the European Union and the United States announced this Friday the suspension of flights from southern Africa due to the new variant of the Omicron virus, more and more countries are joining the list of travel bans due to concerns about the transmission of this new form of the virus.

In addition, Guatemala has also taken the decision to restrict travelers from 3 African countries. The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, announced this Friday that he ordered the restriction of access to the Central American country to people coming from Lesotho, Mozambique and South Africa.

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