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Iberia travel with pets


and it is advisable to give them a light meal 2 hours before departure. What are the main rules for traveling by plane with pets? In order to travel by plane, pets must be healthy, over 2-4 months of age, dogs up to 10 kg are not allowed.

dogs up to 10 kg are not allowed. All those weighing more must travel in the hold. Which airline is the best for traveling with pets? Among the most permissive airlines for traveling with pets, due to the variety of animals, are

New Zealand or South Africa, or for which there are restrictions, such as Brazil. Are dogs allowed in airports? Regulations vary from country to country and airport to airport. In general, dogs can be carried

Airlines that allow dogs to travel with dogs in the cabin

Reservations made by credit card are subject to confirmation by RedUnicre. In the event that the request is declined, you should contact your bank or credit card issuer for clarification.

Whenever a customer makes a reservation, he/she will receive a confirmation e-mail with the parking voucher and another one with the invoice. The customer must print this voucher, as it is mandatory to present it in order to use the parking lot.

The customer must collect the ticket issued at the entrance of the parking lot and keep it until leaving the parking lot. The ticket must be presented together with the voucher before leaving the parking lot, for validation.

If you used the barcode/QR Code reader to enter the parking lot, you must make sure that you have not exceeded the time established in the reservation. If you have exceeded this time, you must pay for the excess before leaving the parking lot. Otherwise, you may proceed to the exit.

Airplane ticket prices for dogs

Before we get into the subject and show you why IATI Escapades is the best pet travel insurance, we also want you to know how this policy goes much further and covers activities and situations that can occur in this type of travel.

IATI Escapades, besides being a pet travel insurance that covers dogs and cats, is also oriented to ferrets, hedgehogs, Vietnamese pigs, primates, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arachnids and other invertebrates.

In the sad event that the animal suffers an accident with serious and irreversible injuries that lead the veterinarian to advise slaughter, the pet insurance provided by IATI Escapadas covers the slaughter within the indicated limit.

If fortunately your pet is located after its disappearance and you cannot go for it at the same moment, its boarding will be covered for 10 days within the pet insurance coverage so that you can go for it.

Iberia pets price

The tubes with the blood samples (and serum, if applicable) should be sent in a protective plastic container. These tubes can be sent in an isothermal polystyrene box (white cork), or inside a padded envelope, as a protective measure to avoid breakage. The slides should be shipped inside a hermetically sealed plastic bag (minigrip type) protected from humidity, and in turn in a protective container to avoid breakage. Send by courier to be received the next day in the laboratory.

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