Luxury Things To Do For Business Travellers in Middles East & Africa

Luxury Things To Do For Business Travellers in Middles East & Africa


  1. Local markets
  2. Sights
  3. Adventure
  4. Shopping
  5. Fine Dining
  6. Fresh Air

When you’re dashing on your business travels, you deserve to take some time out – and to do so in luxury. So we’ve compiled a list of the top treats to enjoy when travelling in Dubai and Cairo.

Local markets

While the thought of local markets may not sound overly indulgent, remember that the most famous emirate of the United Arab Emirates is often referred to as the City of Gold. And the reason for this is its Gold Souk or marketplace where the streets are quite literally lined with gold – so prepare to be dazzled by 300 shop windows, loaded down with expensive jewels and shiny gold pieces.
In Cairo, the Khan al-Khalili Bazaar is worth a visit as it’s full of exotic spices, jewellery, perfume and accessories, either to spoil you with or a loved one with


There’s no doubt that Dubai will impress with its modern architecture and lavish attention to detail, but if you want to be really wowed during your stay in the city, visit Burj Khalifa. This is the tallest building in the world, measuring 2,716 feet in height – and of course there’s more to it than simple stature, as it boasts an observation deck with incredible views and office space. Imagine having a meeting that high up!
In Cairo, there is also plenty to see and often this is steeped in history. For example, the Giza Plateau is well worth visiting because it is home to the most famous Egyptian Pyramids.


How does an off-road safari sound to you? Dubai is the ideal city for indulging in a spot of sand dune driving, racing across the dunes, taking in camel farms, and then enjoying a wonderful barbecue and watching the sun set over the dunes. Priceless.
The pyramids in Cairo are just about the best place for camel riding, as you can trek into the desert while appreciating a gorgeous view of the pyramids too.


Forget your usual shopping centre and prepare to meet the Dubai shopping mall which is pure luxury itself. The Mall of the Emirates not only houses high-end stores like Harvey Nichols and Gucci but has its own indoor ski area if you fancy a spot of activity before a light lunch at Harvey Nics.
In Cairo you’ll also find lots of shopping malls including the Arkadia Mall in the Bulaq district of the city.

Fine Dining

Dubai is home to some of the finest dining restaurants in the world, including Gordon Ramsey’s Verre so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying a lavish meal.
Cairo is renowned for its excellent food and restaurants too where authentic Egyptian cuisine is on the menu.

Fresh Air

With warmth on offer all-year round in Dubai, it’d be a shame not to make the most of the gorgeous beaches. A highlight among them is Jumeirah Beach as this not only boasts sumptuous sand and views but a lovely park where you can relax and enjoy picnics sand-free.
The Al Azhar Park in Cairo is the biggest expanse of green in the city and a great place to head to. Despite being built on top of a massive rubble pile, this park is idyllic and a peaceful way to recover from all that intense thinking that no doubt dominates your Holiday Inn meetings. Plus, if you get peckish you can choose between the four cafes located within the park.

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