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In addition to the aforementioned, something that differentiates this park from others in other African cities is that in Kruger it is possible to do tours and encounter these animals in a private car. Although the guided and 4×4 tours are very popular and very useful to understand a little more about how the park works, it is not essential, and you can do the tours on your own.

This is the most beautiful city in South Africa and another must-see in this country. The most impressive aspect of the city is its magnificent natural environment. In this, the Table Mountain stands out, which is considered one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. From this place it is possible to get the best possible views of the city and the coast. In addition, it is a place full of wild beaches of beautiful white sand to rest and connect with nature in its purest state.

This park has been declared a World Heritage Site. It has the largest population of hippopotamus in the entire continent. It is located around Santa Lucia, a very touristy and beautiful town. This park impresses because it has the largest estuary in Africa, as well as an immense diversity of flora and fauna because it has the five ecosystems.

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South Africa is a land with a sensational mix of epic landscapes, its fabulous tourist attractions and fascinating cultures are more than enough guarantee for the traveler to enjoy an unparalleled African experience.

The world is an exciting place and we want you to enjoy it as much as we have done in each of our adventures and in all the trips we have organized for more than 2000 clients.

One of us will be your Personal Travel Advisor before and during your stay. Iris or Joana will advise and organize your trip and will assist you in case of any unforeseen event at your destination. And if necessary you will count on the help of both of them.

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The best places in South Africa

When you get out of there, head for Constitution Hill. What was once a prison where Nelson Mandela himself was imprisoned is now the seat of the Constitutional Court, a place that is well worth seeing both for its history and its architecture. Then continue your visit to the Soweto area.

Although it is a pleasure to travel around South Africa on your own, to explore Johannesburg we recommend that you do it with a local guide. It is the safest way to do it and it will help you a lot to understand all the history and recent events in the country.

Although we put it at the third point on the list of the must-see places in South Africa, we suggest you leave the Kruger National Park for the end of your trip. Because after Kruger there is nothing. There are so many emotions and experiences that you can live in this national park that, honestly, it will be difficult to beat it afterwards.

Unlike the vast majority of African reserves, in the Kurger you can go on Safari on your own with your rental car. This national park has different camps scattered throughout its extension that will serve as a base to explore it.

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National parks like Kruger or Addo are also good safari options with the advantage of being able to drive at your own pace and price and the disadvantage of having to share the roads and sightings with other visitors, not being able to leave the tracks and not being used to identify animals in the bush.

With more days or desire you have the Panorama Route on the way to Kruger, a couple of days in Joburg (minus Soweto unless it is Sunday, plus Apartheid museum, The Fox, Maboneng and Braamfontein, the city is changing positively by leaps and bounds) or, from Cape Town, a couple of hours north you have Paternoster and, 2h further, the magical Cederberg mountain range, home of rooibos tea and where you can find ancient rock art at every corner. … as I say, a magical place rarely visited.

As for the car, unless you plan to go off-road on your own, a Toyota Corolla will take three adults and their gear wherever you want to go. The highways are well paved and in general most of the attractions are close to well-kept roads. In the more rural areas you may find holes in the road, but slowing down and paying more attention is enough. To give you an idea, during this trip I have been driving a Polo and a Hyundai i20 in the Cape and a Renault Duster in Madikwe (it is not 4×4 but not necessary for the highways although the altitude was a thank you inside the reserve for not having to think).

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