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Our recommendation to visit South Africa Travel protection includedTravel to South AfricaTravel guide to South AfricaSouth Africa tourist attractionsMore information about South AfricaIn the lower part of the African continent lies South Africa, a diverse and fascinating country with a multitude of natural habitats, cities full of culture and coastal enclaves to explore that will not leave you indifferent.

Famous for its wildlife, such as the lions of Kruger National Park, South Africa has coastlines on the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and borders Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and Swaziland.  Travel to South Africa has such broad appeal because there is simply something for every type of traveler within its vast territory.

The country’s tumultuous history has ignited interest around the world, especially the political and social situations of the 20th century, so South Africa is a fascinating place to visit as you can witness the emergence of a new and optimistic vision for the future and learn about the fabric of its diverse society.

How to travel cheaply to Africa

We present you this trip to South Africa with Mauritius 2022 to enjoy the best land and sea wildlife, colonial and cosmopolitan cities and the wonderful beaches of the Indian Ocean. We will spend 3 days in Cape Town, with a great white shark dive, a whale watching boat trip and a helicopter flight included. Discover all that we offer in this trip to South Africa 2022 with Mauritius, where of course we could not miss the rich wildlife that has the most famous park in South Africa, the Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. Here we will be able to track LIONS, BUFFALOS, RHINOCERONS, JIRAFAS and ELEPHANTS… among the more than 147 species of large mammals that inhabit the park. 4 full days exploring this Eden of African wildlife and touring the main safari areas of the park by 4×4. After the excitement of a unique stay and the encounter with the most spectacular African wildlife, we want to take you very close to the definition of PARADISE ON EARTH: MAURITIUS ISLAND. Four days on an all-inclusive basis in a wonderful 4-star hotel. Are you going to miss this complete trip to South Africa and Mauritius?

Requirements for travel to South Africa

If you are wondering if it is safe to travel to South Africa, the answer is that, generally, it is. However, we must be aware that we are not in Europe and we have to follow a series of recommendations.

If we don’t do anything crazy, touring the best places in South Africa will be a very rewarding experience. In this sense, we must also differentiate the tourist areas of South Africa from the rest. These tourist areas are generally much safer than other less visited places.

Even so, we cannot forget that we are in an African country where there is a significant percentage of the population living in poverty in marginal areas. Avoiding these areas or not driving at night, for example, can help us to avoid scares.

One of the first things you need to know is that in South Africa people drive on the left. If it is the first time you are going to do it, you may find it a bit complicated. Also, it is not like Namibia or Botswana, there is a lot of traffic.

In safaris you can drive on your own perfectly well. Parks like the Kruger or the Addo Elephant Park, have roads enabled to make the safari with your private vehicle. On the other hand, if we want to go cross-country or to some of the more remote areas, we can only do it with a guide.

Travel recommendations

If you can’t wait any longer and want to make this South Africa itinerary a reality, you don’t have to, as travel is possible and easy. The country has been open to tourism for a few months now and restrictions are minimal.

Moreover, as we will tell you throughout this article, the requirements for travel to South Africa now in 2022 are very easy to meet. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers against the coronavirus can enter the African nation.

What will you find if you travel to South Africa now?  A climate of normality. On June 23, all pandemic-related measures were lifted. In fact, it is not even necessary to wear masks indoors.

South Africa promises you a thousand adventures, which is why IATI Backpacker is the best insurance for this trip. Not only does it cover you for a silly accident like a sprained ankle while walking around Cape Town, but you’ll also be protected while doing adventure sports like diving with the great white shark or hiking in search of animals in the Kruger Park.

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