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(2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)Loading… Is it possible to travel alone in South Africa, on your own and without a car? Yes, of course! This African country is highly prepared for the tourist and it is possible to take organized tours as you like and do any kind of activities you can think of. The problem is to be able to stop! There is so much on offer that you will not stop wanting to try everything!

Although three weeks may seem like a long time, South Africa is quite a big country so I decided to focus on a few places to be able to enjoy in a relaxed way and do all the activities they could offer me with time.

Regarding food, as I mentioned, as there is western food almost everywhere, many days, to save money and eat a bit “healthier”, I shopped at the supermarket (this way, I had breakfast and dinner at home).

As always, my motto is: NO Spending PENURIES AND NO SPENDING! and, in this case, I tried to control my budget a little more than usual to be able to invest my budget mainly in activities.

Travel to South Africa

No matter how much and how well I tell about the places I visit, in the end my stories are always surpassed in visits by other more prosaic but more practical texts: those in which I detail how much a trip costs. This is another one of them. And although I know well that now that we are confined we can not make many travel plans, I leave it here anyway for when better times come and we can live adventures again.

On this occasion I am describing the costs of a 10-day trip to South Africa. Specifically, from April 11 to 22, 2019. This has been a comfortable vacation, and by this I mean that we have looked at the money so as not to go broke, but we have not starved or deprived ourselves of anything we felt like.

The Mask Hotel in Johannesburg, one night in a double room: 28 eurosMOY Backpackers Hotel in Cape Town, three nights in a double room: 140 eurosThulani Hotel in Johannesburg, one night in a double room: 47 eurosKruger Adventure Lodge Hotel in Kruger National Park: Included in the price of the safariHotel The Roundhouse in Gaansbai: Included in the price of the diving activity.

20 days in south africa

We present you this trip to South Africa with Mauritius 2022 to enjoy the best land and sea wildlife, colonial and cosmopolitan cities and the wonderful beaches of the Indian Ocean. We will spend 3 days in Cape Town, with a great white shark dive, a whale watching boat trip and a helicopter flight included. Discover all that we offer in this trip to South Africa 2022 with Mauritius, where of course we could not miss the rich wildlife that has the most famous park in South Africa, the Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. Here we will be able to track LIONS, BUFFALOS, RHINOCERONS, JIRAFAS and ELEPHANTS… among the more than 147 species of large mammals that inhabit the park. 4 full days exploring this Eden of African wildlife and touring the main safari areas of the park by 4×4. After the excitement of a unique stay and the encounter with the most spectacular African wildlife, we want to take you very close to the definition of PARADISE ON EARTH: MAURITIUS ISLAND. Four days on an all-inclusive basis in a wonderful 4-star hotel. Are you going to miss this complete trip to South Africa and Mauritius?

Travel cures everything

If you are thinking of traveling to South Africa, I offer you our complete guide with which we hope your preparations will be even easier. Linked to this complete guide to travel to South Africa you can find all the posts, day by day, of our trip to the African country. If you want to know what to do, where to sleep, what to see in the cities, how to see the animals on safari or what alternative places to visit nearby.

What questions are you asking yourself about South Africa before buying your flight? Take a look at the following post because we may answer many of the questions that are going through your head. Safety, climate, transportation…

If what you want is to do city sightseeing or maybe you only have a few days to spend in South Africa, you might be more interested in this mini travel guide to Cape Town in the guide to travel to South Africa. The essentials to see Cape Town with all the information you need to explore the city at the click of a button.

Breakfast was included but the hotel did not have a cafeteria. They gave you a choice of a few places to go and enjoy their fabulous breakfasts – a real treat! Cape Town may be the city in the world where I have had the best breakfast in my life.

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