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Last Friday, the inter-ministerial committee already banned the entry of passengers from South Africa and other Southern African countries (Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Esuatini, Mozambique and Zimbabwe) and passengers transiting through these countries.

The discovery of this new variant of the coronavirus, identified as B.1.1.529 and baptized with the Greek letter omicron by the WHO, was announced last Thursday by scientists and health authorities in South Africa, based on samples taken between November 14 and 16, while the four initial infections in Botswana and one in Hong Kong (China), from a traveler coming from South Africa, had already been identified.

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Special repatriation flights will arrive and depart from Jorge Chavez International Airport. It must be remembered that their resumption is made under the same air border closure scheme, which has not changed to date. It is not possible for airlines or travel agencies to interpret that there is any easing of conditions for the sale and methods of arrival and departure for Peruvian citizens.

The arrival of the special flights will be at Jorge Chávez International Airport and must be previously authorized by the Peruvian authorities, therefore, they are not regular flights that are promoted in the commercial airlines’ web pages.

It should be taken into account that these are not exclusive flights for passengers from Poland and/or Ukraine, but for nationals from all over the world, so it is recommended that passengers who obtain a seat, travel on the date indicated and arrive at Amstedam at least one day in advance to make their connection smoothly, as well as previously ensure that they have their valid passport and documentation in order for departure from Poland or Ukraine.

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Controls were established at land ports and at the airport to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country, as there is a lack of capacity to carry out adequate medical examinations or treatment. So far, samples are being sent to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) in South Africa.

Flights to and from Europe, Reunion Island and Mayotte are suspended. There have been no reported cases of carriers of the virus in question, but Malagasy nationals stranded in Seychelles, in India and on Reunion Island, under medical supervision until they comply with the quarantine dictated by the WHO, also for fear of not having the necessary capacities to contain it once it enters the island. They must return to the island by March 19 at the latest.

A 14-day quarantine is applied to passengers from China, Italy, South Korea, Iran, Germany and France. Stringent border controls, particularly at crossings with South Africa, are in place to keep Mozambique free of the virus.

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Las autoridades sanitarias holandesas han confirmado 13 casos de la variante omicron del coronavirus entre los viajeros que llegaron a Holanda desde Sudáfrica. La Organización Mundial de la Salud advierte que la omicron es una “variante preocupante”. “ The Associated Press (@AP) 28 de noviembre de 2021

“No es posible saber en este momento si la variante descubierta en Sudáfrica llegará a ser tan dominante como la delta. Quiero esperar que no, pero debemos estar atentos “ (@haaretzcom) November 28, 2021

Complimenten aan @ggdkennemerland voor het adequate handelen. De reizigers met een positieve testuitslag gaan met hun reisgenoten naar een quarantainehotel, overige passagiers in thuisquarantaine. Zaak is nu om snel te onderzoeken of het om de Omicron-variant gaat. Hugo de Jonge (@hugodejonge) November 26, 2021

Las autoridades mundiales reaccionaron con alarma el viernes ante una nueva variante del coronavirus detectada en Sudáfrica, y la UE, Gran Bretaña e India fueron algunos de los países que anunciaron controles fronterizos más estrictos mientras los científicos trataban de determinar si la mutación era resistente a las vacunas. Reuters Health (@Reuters_Health) November 26, 2021

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