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Source: Pixabay3. Kirtenbosch Botanical GardenWith an extension of over 500 hectares, the Kirtenbosch Botanical Garden is the largest of the eight botanical gardens in southern Africa. Located at the foot of Table Mountain, inside you can admire the extraordinary flora of the area, which includes more than 7,000 varieties of plants. It has a permanent exhibition of sculptures made of Zimbabwean stone and a hiking trail for lovers of hiking, the Skeleton Gorge. If you prefer, you can also take a guided walking tour of the most outstanding areas of the garden: Pixabay4. iSimangaliso Wetland ParkThis place was declared a World Heritage Site and has the largest population of hippos in the entire continent. It is located around the tourist town of St. Lucia and is home to the largest estuary in Africa, which means having a great diversity of fauna and flora thanks to its five ecosystems. In iSimangaliso you will find everything from swamps to stunning beaches such as Cape Vidal.

Itinerary South Africa 15 days

Surely you have heard that Johannesburg is a dangerous city and maybe if you are currently considering visiting South Africa, you are asking yourself a lot of questions. Before we go, we also wondered: is South Africa a dangerous country… to travel with a baby?

For anyone who thinks that we are somewhere between relatively irresponsible and extremely foolish, it must be said that since we are traveling parents, “we are afraid”. It’s unavoidable. If you are already afraid of your child falling on the swings in the square next to your house, imagine what it means to go to a city as “dangerous” (ahem) as Johannesburg or to go to a National Park like the Kruger… so full of animals, mosquitoes and various dangers. As an initial approach, we can’t deny that it is a bit scary, but we already learned in Colombia that everything is less complicated, dangerous and difficult than it seems.

But… since when does fear have to be a mandatory brake to stop doing something you want to do? Is it better to stay locked up at home to avoid dangers? Does that ensure that nothing happens to you 100%? What’s more… is it good “that nothing happens to you”?

South Africa 15 days

Any time is a good time to visit South Africa. The choice of the best time will always depend on the type of trip you want to make: the austral winter, from June to September, is the best time for those who wish to see the wildlife in the country’s national parks, because the environment is dry and the animals are concentrated around the rivers. However, to enjoy nature in all its splendor, it is recommended to visit South Africa in spring, from September to November, when the weather is warm and the landscape is full of flowers.

Best time to travel to Kruger Park

When traveling it is important to know in advance the chosen destination, not only prepare the route, choose flights and accommodations, know something about their culture and customs, it is also necessary to know what kind of dangers we can find and how to solve it, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation reports, on its website, which countries are more dangerous and which ones should not be visited.

El Salvador because it has one of the highest homicide rates in the world and there are criminal groups called “maras” (gangs) operating throughout the country; in Honduras the insecurity situation is serious, especially in the large urban centers of Tegucigalpa, Ceiba and San Pedro Sula; in Nicaragua where there are strong disturbances in several parts of the country; Venezuela has a very high level of insecurity, and homicide and kidnapping rates are a cause for concern.

In St. Lucia, with the start of the high tourist season, the number of violent street robberies, rapes and especially armed robberies in homes has increased again; in Guatemala, in February, the Fuego volcano erupted; and finally, in Suriname there may be cases of infection by the dengue, chikungunya and zika viruses.

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