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Safe places to travel in Africa


Before showing you some official figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the subject, it is important to start from the premise that, although the risk of infection has been considered low in the countries affected by the outbreak of the virus, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get infected in countries where there is no Ebola.

Thus, those travelers who choose to visit these areas and come to us for travel to Africa, can enjoy their safaris in all the tourist areas of these countries following their normal itineraries without any alteration.

In addition, in both Kenya and Tanzania, health personnel and border posts are on alert, very vigilant, which would favor a prompt detection, notification and appropriate management of a suspected case of entry of a person suspected of being infected in the country.

Both large cities and remote rural villages in these countries are being affected in West Africa, and further cases of people contracting the virus in these countries are expected to continue.

The safest country in Asia

In terms of health, the first thing the Ministry stresses is that “it is advisable to take out travel insurance to Tanzania with the highest possible coverage”. This is so, in addition to the coronavirus crisis (which we will talk about later), because of other diseases that are frequent in the country. For example, malaria is endemic and there are also cases of cholera, diphtheria and dengue fever. On the other hand, he indicates that “Quality medical services are scarce. For any serious problem, it is advisable to leave the country. Traveling with good insurance in Tanzania is, of course, essential.

In the big cities it is true that you have to be careful, especially at night and in isolated areas. However, you will be able to walk through the center of places like Arusha and Dar es Salaam without feeling insecure. As in any place, try not to be ostentatious and be aware of your valuables. There are people who will approach you to sell you souvenirs, tours or guide you, perhaps in some cases too insistently. However, with a little right-handedness, nothing is bound to go wrong.

Countries on the east coast of Africa

Your trip to Africa, apart from incredible moments and experiences that you will tell your grandchildren about, could also cause you to experience complicated unforeseen events to solve if you do not know the language, the laws and the customs of the country you will visit. Unforeseen events can be very complicated to manage, especially when you are far away from home, where finding solutions can be very expensive and not always problems that can be solved without the help of someone who knows how to get around in the country you are visiting. In case you go on a trip to Africa without a travel insurance, in the event of an accident or any kind of unforeseen event, you will find yourself without support and you will have to assume all the costs connected to the problem you will have to solve. On the other hand, with our travel insurance you will only have to worry about enjoying your days in Africa, knowing that, if you have the need, there will be someone ready to help you.

In order to travel to Africa it is necessary to have a valid passport and keep in mind that, if you visit more than one country on the African continent, temporary entry permits are usually granted for three months, although, in some cases, this type of permit can be renewed. If you also want to go into undeveloped areas, it is advisable to carry your vaccination booklet and to have vaccinations for yellow fever, tetanus and hepatitis A + B with you. Apart from being careful with water and food, it is best to take out travel insurance with the most complete coverage possible when traveling to Africa: health infrastructures in Africa can be very basic (depending on the area you want to visit) and, for foreigners, they are not free of charge. This is why it is so essential to travel with travel insurance to Africa, to truly enjoy the magic of the continent, without being constantly worried about what might happen.

Travel to Africa covid

While France controlled the slave port of Dakar and all of what is now Senegal, England bought the rights to “trade” across the river from Portugal. This is why Senegalese and Gambians speak the same native languages and share traditions but use French and English, respectively, as their lingua franca.

The germ of The Gambia as a beach destination for the months of the cooler season, from November to May, is found along the Senegambia Highway, the avenue of the city of Serekunda that connects all the hotels and restaurants and entertainment venues that have been born in the shadow of the resorts built on the beach.

Another experience as real as it is fun is offered by the entrepreneur Ida Cham Njai, an expert in hospitality trained in London who has transferred her experience and knowledge to her own home in Brufut, where she offers courses in traditional Gambian cuisine. The experience with Ida begins in her closet, where visitors find the ideal clothes to become a Gambian. In that guise, Ida’s diners camouflage themselves in the bustling market of Tanji, a fishing village a few kilometers further south, where Ida buys the ingredients needed to prepare a benachin, a stew of rice, vegetables, chicken or fish and lots of spices that is prepared on special occasions.

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