Is it safe to travel to mozambique from south africa



Are you considering crossing the border from South Africa to Mozambique? In this article we encourage you to do so and answer some of the questions that are surely going through your head. In our case, we did a 21-day drive through South Africa and Mozambique, so imagine the adventure.

Mozambique is located in the southeast of the African continent, bordering Tanzania and Malawi to the north, and South Africa to the southwest. So it is a very valid option to enjoy its fantastic beaches and rest from your tour of South Africa.

To enter Mozambique from South Africa you can do it by land or by air. Normally, people who consider crossing from one country to another is because they are visiting the Kruger Park and the neighboring country is very close, or because they are in Swaziland and want to spend a few days relaxing in the beautiful Mozambique.

After 3 hours of negotiation with via telephone, we were able to get them to assume the difference in price between the 2000€ and the 115€ that we had signed thanks to having a proof of the contract with the final price of the car.

MEMOIRS OF SOUTH AFRICA: Chapter 3 – Esuatini (Swaziland)

There are many travelers who have been to South Africa and are eager to return to this wonderful country. In social networks and blogs you will find all kinds of testimonials that will surely give you the definitive push to visit southern Africa, but you can not be unaware and ignore some facts. It is true that the crime rate in South African cities is high and that muggings, robberies and thefts sometimes happen. However, it is also true that the authorities are aware of this and that tourist areas are heavily guarded. In addition, a trip through the country does not only include big cities and all travelers agree that, outside of them, South Africa is a very quiet country.

Therefore, we can tell you that it is safe to travel to South Africa, but keeping some basic precautions that will make you enjoy your trip. Although traveling in the African country is not like traveling in Europe, do not become paranoid and be consistent.

Because we want you to love South Africa as much as we do, we want to give you some tips to plan your trip. Evaluate all the factors, visit areas where you feel comfortable and, above all, enjoy a country as great as this one.

From South Africa to Maputo with dried meat snacks

This African country is enigmatic and off the beaten tourist track for most travelers, but it has much to offer those who venture there.  It is not an easy trip, but it is extremely rewarding.  You need patience and a taste for slow travel, some travel knowledge and above all a sense of adventure to experience one of the trips of a lifetime.

From June to November, hundreds of humpback whales make the largest migration of marine mammals on the planet, traveling in families more than 9,000 km northbound in search of warm waters near the equator to give birth to their young and mate. It is in August that the largest concentration of these impressive mammals occurs in Guinjata Bay. Mothers and calves explore the rich reefs and prepare to leave the warm waters and make the perilous journey back to the southern ocean.

A local development project promoted by our hotel with the aim of empowering Mozambican women in the artisanal fishing and agriculture sector, as a way of gaining economic independence through self-employment and ensuring the sustainability of their natural resources.

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We present you our Indian Safari Route for Easter, which will take you to discover the Kruger National Park. We will explore during 3 days one of the oldest and most prestigious parks in the world.

Here we will be able to track LIONS, BUFFALOS, RHINOCERONS, JIRAFAS and ELEPHANTS… among the more than 147 species of large mammals that inhabit the park. 3 days exploring this Eden of African wildlife and touring the main safari areas of the park by 4×4.

3 days in the TOFO area, to enjoy its beaches and rich seabed, including a spectacular ocean safari, among which we can see and swim with manta rays and whale sharks. Also a day of snorkeling in the Barra estuary.

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