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Somalia dangerous tourism


The World Health Organization activated in January 2016 an initiative against Yellow Fever to prevent its spread. The Yellow Fever virus is transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Initial symptoms include fever, chills, headache, back pain, general body aches, nausea and vomiting, fatigue and weakness. In severe cases, the person may develop high fever, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes), bleeding, and eventually shock and multi-organ failure.

South Sudan is dangerous

When traveling it is important to know in advance the chosen destination, not only prepare the route, choose flights and accommodation, know something about their culture and customs, it is also necessary to know what kind of dangers we can find and how to solve it, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation reports, on its website, which countries are more dangerous and which ones should not be visited.

El Salvador because it has one of the highest homicide rates in the world and there are criminal groups called “maras” (gangs) operating throughout the country; in Honduras the insecurity situation is serious, especially in the large urban centers of Tegucigalpa, Ceiba and San Pedro Sula; in Nicaragua where there are strong disturbances in several parts of the country; Venezuela has a very high level of insecurity, and homicide and kidnapping rates are a cause for concern.

In St. Lucia, with the start of the high tourist season, the number of violent street robberies, rapes and especially armed robberies in homes has increased again; in Guatemala, in February, the Fuego volcano erupted; and finally, in Suriname there may be cases of infection by the dengue, chikungunya and zika viruses.

Central African Republic tourism

The whole country is in a high risk zone, not even the presence of international troops can guarantee security in the areas where they are deployed, so it is recommended to avoid traveling to the country.

The neighborhoods of PK3, PK5, PK12 in Bangui and the cities of Bambari, Berberati, Bossangoa, Ndele, Sibut and Kabo, among many others, as well as the Bangui-Garoua-Boulai road, are particularly dangerous.

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How to travel to somalia

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