Is it safe to travel to cape town south africa

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Welcome to the most romantic city on the entire continent, Cape Town presents an infinite amount of distinctive curiosities, magical secrets of times past and awe-inspiring nature. In 2014, it was named the world’s leading destination to visit, a wise decision by the celebrated New York Times. It stood out a second place in Travel and Leisure’s list of most prestigious and important vacation destinations and was also considered the second best city in Africa by the Traveller’s Choice Awards.

It is unimaginable that Cape Town is close to the true safari sanctuary of South Africa… A Cape luxury, linked with the wildlife of the Kruger Park? A day of exploration among Africa’s Big Five? Along with a rich cocktail on private terraces of the highest-end resorts? Unbelievable just to imagine it.

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We headed to the city center, where we had our hotel. In this case at the Hippo Boutique Hotel. Besides being a giant room and the staff very friendly and professional, it was located in a street with many restaurants and life, 5 minutes walk from the main street Long Street.

From the top of Table Mountain you have a perfect panoramic view of Table Bay and all of Cape Town. You can take a tour to get different views from the heights. Don’t forget to take pictures:

We had read that it was advisable to go to a known cab, because although Cape Town is not a very dangerous city, it is advisable to take certain precautions. And that was one of them. So if you have the opportunity, ask for the cab from the hotel and then you stay with the contact.

Legend has it that the devil and a Dutch pirate named Van Hunsk participated in an intense smoking competition. It is said that in commemoration of that mythical contest is the cloud that permanently hooks to the table and forms that simulated tablecloth.

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When visiting any African country, one of the main doubts that arise is related to security. Africa is scary. Lack of knowledge, negative news about the continent and stereotypes mean that most destinations in Africa are seen as unsafe and dangerous.

Despite government efforts, South Africa is still a country of great inequalities. It is easy to see this with a walk through the streets of Cape Town or Johannesburg, where modern neighborhoods and luxury resorts sit just meters away from dilapidated buildings and families living on the streets.

South Africa’s recent history is one of the most turbulent on the planet. Until the release of Nelson Mandela in 1994, the country lived under the racist Apartheid regime, where people were discriminated against because of their skin color.

As I began this article, I reaffirm that it is not dangerous to visit South Africa. And the same applies to the rest of the continent. It is not necessary to travel with an escort, avoid walking the streets or renounce nightlife when traveling in Africa.

How safe is it to travel to South Africa?

This is undoubtedly the first place to see in Cape Town. If you see clear skies, as is rarely the case, this is the plan to consider. You can’t leave Cape Town without coming here.

The political history of South Africa is one of the most important things and one of the main achievements of African culture in the world. Nelson Mandela represents the union of a country that became an example for the world, where differences of class, color, culture, disappeared due to the good work of a great man.

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A place to have fun and enjoy. With colonial buildings, this street enters the list of X things to see in Cape Town, due to the large number of hostels, stores for tourists at low prices (here you have to bargain) and African style, food stalls, restaurants.

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