Is it safe to travel in africa now

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Just a stone’s throw from Serekunda, there are other must-see sights that can be done in a couple of hours. The Abuko Nature Reserve is a rectangle of unspoiled nature a few kilometers from the city – or rather surrounded – where you can see monkeys, hyenas, crocodiles and the fearsome Green Bambas, one of the most venomous snake species in the world. The visit usually ends at Lamin Lodge, a stilt house converted into a restaurant in the middle of the mangroves. From here you can take boat excursions that allow you to explore the enormous mangrove forests that cover this area of the mouth of the Gambia. Another classic is to go to Tanji Beach at sunset, just when the fishing boats begin to return to the coast loaded with the catch of the day. The whole area is buzzing with activity.


In terms of health, the first thing the Ministry stresses is that “it is advisable to take out travel insurance to Tanzania with the highest possible coverage”. This is so, in addition to the coronavirus crisis (which we will talk about later), because of other diseases that are common in the country. For example, malaria is endemic and there are also cases of cholera, diphtheria and dengue fever. On the other hand, he indicates that “Quality medical services are scarce. For any serious problem, it is advisable to leave the country. Traveling with good insurance in Tanzania is, of course, essential.

In the big cities it is true that you have to be careful, especially at night and in isolated areas. However, you can walk through the center of places like Arusha and Dar es Salaam without feeling insecure. As in any place, try not to be ostentatious and be aware of your valuables. There are people who will approach you to sell you souvenirs, tours or guide you, perhaps in some cases too insistently. However, with a little right-handedness, nothing is bound to go wrong.


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