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Although I am used to traveling without a set itinerary or following a group, when planning my trip through Africa I preferred to rely on a local company that would allow me to visit the best of each country during the short period of time I had (14 days in my case). Besides sharing some laughs during the trip, as well as meeting new people, is always welcome.

I hired the tour “Okavango & Chobe Trail – North 2017” from Nomad Tour, because the tour seemed very interesting and the service offered according to the base price I paid ZAR 9,950 (approx. 610€).


BangladeshThe least visited neighbor in South Asia by far is one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel. Overshadowed by two tourism giants like India and Nepal, Bangladesh falls short of great attractions that catch the eye, which is why so few people dedicate part of their itinerary to it.The experience of traveling to Bangladesh is incomparable to any other, or at least that’s how it felt to me. Because there is so little tourism, any foreigner is a big novelty, and that instantly makes you a celebrity. From invitations to houses to groups of people chasing us to take pictures with me and my partner (or just to take a closer look at us), every day we spent in Bangladesh was an unforgettable anecdote.Cost-wise, traveling in Bangladesh is generally even cheaper than traveling in India. Only in accommodation, having much less variety for different budgets, you will have to calculate a little more.

Where it is cheaper to travel to

Transportation in Uganda is an acquired taste, a subtle way of saying that … it’s a disaster, in the cities you either move in boda boda (motorcycle cab) or matatu (minivan) because there is no such thing as mass transit.

Obviously it is more dangerous to ride a mototaxi, sometimes they can accelerate a lot and you can find yourself on the verge of an accident, but they are much faster and not very expensive (in the capital they cost 1.5 dollars on average). When I initially arrived I was warned of the danger they can be but in my 3 months in the country I never had an accident or came close to one, as long as you make sure your driver is sober and doesn’t speed too much you won’t have a major problem.

Matatu central station in Kampala Uganda (CC whltravel)The minibuses are very cheap (30 cents) and safer, but you can find yourself waiting a long time while they fill up before leaving, there are no defined routes and the matatus have no notice so you have to ask for directions before leaving.


What was their purpose? To plunder, without hesitation, all those natural riches located in territories with less developed tribes. Thus, they decided to draw a map. That was the beginning of many of the problems that Africa suffers today. The Ethiopians have always known perfectly all their territory, so they were much stronger in the face of rivals.

It is one of the countries that has suffered the most from the plundering by the Portuguese. As if that were not enough, it also suffered a hard Civil War that lasted until the end of the 20th century. In spite of so many terrible situations, this country has resurfaced to recover that joy that characterized them as a people.

In addition, it is a territory that is very little visited. Therefore, we are in front of a complete paradise where you will find local people willing to help you in whatever you need. Of course, if you speak Portuguese, it will open many doors for you. You should take it into account!

It is true that this country is not one of the cheapest of the five or even the easiest to travel to. It is, however, one of the countries that has suffered the most from the influence of the West. It is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime for its spectacular beauty, its great diversity and its history. Recent, but truly powerful.

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