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When focusing on what time is best to travel to Africa, we have to keep in mind the main activity that everyone who travels to the continent has in mind: safaris. The best time for an African safari is from July to October, which is when the animals are easiest to see in sufficient numbers. However, this depends a lot on which country you visit, as the seasons change in eastern and southern Africa.

If your plan is beach, sun and sea, the most recommended months are December to March, avoiding certain months of seasonal rain or high heat or humidity. Therefore, the most advisable is to be informed about the climate of the country where you are going on vacation.

To travel to Africa it is necessary to have a valid passport. In addition, when passing between borders we are granted a temporary entry permit for three months, but in case you want to stay longer, there is an option to renew it.

It is advisable to carry a vaccination record, especially if your idea is to go to non-urbanized areas where yellow fever, tetanus and hepatitis A+B are frequent. You must have a valid medical insurance against third parties to facilitate medical attention in case of accident or illness.

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Bangladesh By far the least visited neighbor in South Asia, Bangladesh is one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to. Overshadowed by two tourism giants like India and Nepal, Bangladesh falls short of great attractions that catch the eye, which is why so few people dedicate part of their itinerary to it.The experience of traveling to Bangladesh is incomparable to any other, or at least that’s how I felt. Because there is so little tourism, any foreigner is a big novelty, and that instantly makes you a celebrity. From invitations to houses to groups of people chasing us to take pictures with me and my partner (or just to take a closer look at us), every day we spent in Bangladesh was an unforgettable anecdote.Cost-wise, traveling in Bangladesh is generally even cheaper than traveling in India. Only in accommodation, having much less variety for different budgets, you will have to calculate a little more.

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In this post we are going to tell you how much it costs to live traveling with real data from other travelers who have already done it, as well as give you an excel template for you to calculate your own budget!

Of course, the above table is only indicative, and is based on a trip of at least 6 months for someone traveling alone. One way to lower that budget is to travel with more people, either your partner or friends. That way, many leisure activities, and above all accommodation becomes much cheaper.

Luckily, there are many travelers and backpackers around the world who have made a great trip and have shared their experience and their budget. Let’s collect some of them to give you a real idea of how much a great trip costs. However, keep in mind that everyone travels in their own way and has different needs, so their experience and budget doesn’t have to be the same as yours.

As you can see, everyone has a budget, it all depends on your travel style, the destinations you visit, the time you spend looking for the best price, and above all, depending on how fast or slow you travel. If you travel slowly you will save a lot of money on accommodation (more days = better price) and transportation.

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What budget do we have to manage for a backpacking trip in Europe? How much will we have to spend on transportation and accommodation? Is it possible to eat in the street? Is it worth going to a campsite? If you are preparing a trip to Europe and you are already learning the multiplication table of 16, stay calm, prepare a mate and read this post with updated info fresh from the oven, sorry, from the road.

There are techniques that allow you to travel completely free in some European countries, especially in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Holland, etc, where it is possible to replace the cost of food by dumpster diving and table-diving. Although I do not practice them, I explain them below to give an introduction to those who might be interested in practicing this philosophy.

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