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Choosing your honeymoon trip is, perhaps, one of the most important decisions you have to make. You always go to a specialized agency to avoid possible inconveniences and in order to travel with as much information as possible, but, do you know what you have to ask the agency staff when you go to get information about the trips? Take note! 1. Which destinations do you recommend?

It is advisable to book at least 4-5 months in advance, however, everything depends on the chosen destination, the distance and the availability of the services to be contracted. Start informing yourselves and visiting some agencies about 10 months before, so that when the 4-5 month arrives, you will have everything decided to formalize the reservation. Salacot Viajes has experience in building magnificent routes in a short time, although they assure that it is better to have a margin of at least four months in the field of honeymoon, since every detail counts.

This online agency has a wide portfolio of destinations and travel options, and offers free advice. One of the star destinations is Greece, an idyllic place for honeymooners. Can you imagine visiting Athens and Santorini hand in hand with your partner? On their website you will find all the information you need to make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience, with the help of the best professionals.

The best travel agencies to Africa

International travel doesn’t have to be a hassle: you just need to make sure you have all the necessary travel documents in order. If you are going on an international trip, you should make sure you have the proper documents to enter and cross all the countries included in your tour and to return home afterwards.

Before you travel, be sure to check the entry requirements for all the countries you will be visiting at their respective consulates. The responsibility for obtaining the proper documents for international travel is yours alone. If you do not have the required documents and identification certificates, you will not be allowed to board the aircraft and you will be responsible for any costs resulting from this prohibition.

Passports are required for all international travel. If you are traveling abroad, you need a passport to board the international flight and to enter the country. Card-type passports are not considered a valid form of identification for international air travel.

What is the best time to go on safari in Africa?

In the lists of experiences and trips that must be experienced once in a lifetime, an African safari is not usually missing. Undoubtedly, the opportunity to contemplate the wonders of the animal world and experience a documentary of Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente in first person is more than enough reason to undertake this adventure. Seeing animals in total freedom in their natural habitat is something incredible.

If you have already been on safari and are still hungry for more, we recommend that you consider the possibility of going to Uganda or Rwanda. Both countries are recovering from an unstable past and are becoming favorite destinations for explorers to see gorillas, chimpanzees and other great apes.

Another thing to consider when choosing when to travel is, of course, price. As a general rule, it is more economical to travel during the period between the two seasons than during the highlights of the dry season. In addition, this time offers a good combination of savings and nature, without compromising animal sightings.

Africa safari trip

African destinations, on the other hand, are not usually such a common destination for the whole family, although that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Of course, it depends entirely on the destination.

Kilimanjaro, Serengeti or Ngorongoro, among others, are ideal places for the little ones to see the Big Five and many other animals with which they will have the time of their lives. Both in this case and in Kenya, for the older ones an option that will be incredible is the balloon safari, with spectacular views of the Great Migration if we go at the right time.

In them, besides enjoying the beach and the swimming pool, there are many activities prepared in the hotels for the kids, so the fun is completely guaranteed while we relax in a true tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

In addition, it has different places that are fantastic for the kids. From the colonies of sea lions on the coast and the huge dunes, to see the desert elephants in Damaraland or visit the cheetahs in their recovery center.

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