How to become a travel agent in south africa

Activities of a travel agent

The online world is opening up with special interest in the travel industry. For this reason, being an online travel agent is becoming a very popular job. However, this does not mean that it is easy, because it is necessary to know very well how to work, communicate and monetize in the digital environment and also to have important knowledge and skills in tourism.

That is why, given the great existing competition in this subsegment, it is very convenient to opt for an official specialization that allows to attend the certification. This will give a certain prestige to the online travel agent and will open more doors to end customers.

To become an online travel agent you need to be willing to undertake and not be overwhelmed by the obstacles that may arise along the way. The first step to achieve this is to determine what your specialty will be within the travel market and try to focus on a specific market niche. You could, for example, specialize in luxury travel.

Online travel agent employment

Johannesburg is the largest and most populous city in South Africa, capital of the richest province of the country, Gauteng. It is also known for the wide range of cultural activities that can be performed, such as visiting the Apartheid Museums, the Constitution Hill Human Rights, Nelson Mandela’s house and the Crown Mine Shaft.

Today we will return by road to Johannesburg for a panoramic tour of Pretoria, where we will see the most outstanding monuments such as Church Square and the Union Building, the seat of government.

We will have the day at leisure to enjoy it as we wish. We recommend booking with the travel agent an optional full day tour of the peninsula, where we can see the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. We will also enjoy a coastal walk through Clifton & Camps Bay and a panoramic tour of Chapman’s peak.

Freelance travel agent

Trains the student to program and carry out package tours, as well as to sell tourist services in travel agencies and other distribution units. The graduate in higher education will acquire a greater facility to exercise mediation functions with customers / suppliers, advise customers and organize tourism products, and participate in the development of marketing programs with the aim of ensuring the satisfaction of their clientele.

Regarding the profiles for which this course is intended, it is worth mentioning that the level of studies required is that corresponding to the baccalaureate (LOGSE) or equivalent (COU, MP3, FP2). In addition, it is necessary to have an adequate professional capacity.

How to become an independent travel agent

The tourism sector is in constant movement and demands trained professional profiles. If you like to advise on travel and tourism, your thing is to be a travel agent. We explain all the requirements you must meet to work in this sector.

A travel agent is a professional who is in charge of informing, advising and counseling clients about a specific trip or tourist destination. This is a specialized profile for which you will need tailored training.

If you want to be a travel agent you can have a university education with a degree in Tourism but you can also opt for a professional training with a higher technical degree in travel agencies, in accommodation, in tourist animation or in tourist information and marketing.

With these trainings you will be prepared to work in travel agencies, carrying out the planning and production of trips, the advice and sale of tourist services, the processing and booking of flights, package tours, hotels, car reservations, plane, boat, train tickets, etc.

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