How much will it cost to travel to south africa

How much does it cost to go to South Africa


We narrated this trip in its entirety both Jairo and I in Instagram Stories. I explained the headaches of its preparation, but, above all, day by day more than 6,000 people saw our adventures and misadventures in a trip that went from less to more. So much less that I had no confidence that I would like it, that I was really afraid of the news I had read, and so much more that I ended up crying my eyes out as the plane took off.

To tell the truth, when I thought about traveling to South Africa on my own, I was quite scared. The crime rates are shocking and it is well known that sensationalist news are the ones that appear the most in the media. However, after having returned from this trip, I can say that the fear I had was quite unjustified.

We were also walking around the more touristy area of Johannesburg’s Soweto neighborhood (the one around Mandela’s house and the Orlando Towers) and I noticed an atmosphere that was more festive than dangerous.

Sani pass

(2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)Loading… Is it possible to travel alone in South Africa, on your own and without a car? Yes, of course! This African country is highly prepared for tourists and it is possible to take organized tours as you like and do any kind of activities you can think of. The problem is to be able to stop! There is so much on offer that you will not stop wanting to try everything!

Although three weeks may seem like a long time, South Africa is quite a big country so I decided to focus on a few places to be able to enjoy in a relaxed way and do all the activities they could offer me with time.

Regarding food, as I mentioned, as there is western food almost everywhere, many days, to save money and eat a little “healthier”, I shopped at the supermarket (this way, I had breakfast and dinner at home).

As always, my motto is: NO Spending PENURIES AND NO SPENDING! and, in this case, I tried to control my budget a little more than usual to be able to invest my budget mainly in activities.

Budget for travel to South Africa

We will not deny it, as soon as we found out that one of the destinations of the KLM Vuela Sostenible award was Cape Town, the first thing we did was to look at the budget for traveling to South Africa, because we did not want to go over budget once we arrived at our destination.

When we started looking at prices on our own, we realized that traveling to South Africa on your own is not as expensive as it seems, and that the price of a safari in South Africa is much cheaper than in other countries. The fact that you can do the safari on your own and with your own car, allows you to reduce the costs drastically. And yes, it is totally safe to do a safari on your own.

South Africa has surprised us positively for being a very economical country, almost at Asian levels, believe it or not. The South African rand, the local currency, was at the time of our visit (August 2019) quite weak against the euro, which guaranteed us a very favorable exchange rate of 17R for 1€. We always look at the exchange rate on

We wanted to simplify in an infographic the budget to travel to South Africa on your own in 12 days of travel, being two people (which is always somewhat cheaper when sharing expenses). As you can see, we have separated it into 3 parts, to make clear the expenses for each stage of the trip.

South Africa is expensive

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South Africa toursNextNextPreviousAfrica in its purest form and with all its splendor South Africa, land of astonishing diversity, prolific flora and fauna, with breathtaking landscapes and vestiges of ancient cultures: South Africa will remain engraved in your heart.

They usually lie down without paying attention to the cars that, on the indicated roads and always with caution, pass by. And so they cause amazement and a series of feelings difficult to describe in words in visitors. Contemplating the wildlife of these animals in first person and just a few meters away is something indescribable, it is an experience that everyone should live!

Visit Johannesburg, the financial and economic capital of the country and a rich and multicultural city. You can enter the Apartheid Museum, stroll through Nelson Mandela Square or go shopping at the Neighbourgoods Market.

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