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We narrated this trip in its entirety both Jairo and I in Instagram Stories. I explained the headaches of its preparation, but, above all, day by day more than 6,000 people saw our adventures and misadventures in a trip that went from less to more. So much less that I had no confidence that I would like it, that I was really afraid of the news I had read, and so much more that I ended up crying my eyes out as the plane took off.

To tell the truth, when I thought about traveling to South Africa on my own, I was quite scared. The crime rates are shocking and it is well known that sensationalist news are the ones that appear the most in the media. However, after having returned from this trip, I can say that the fear I had was quite unjustified.

We were also walking around the more touristy area of Johannesburg’s Soweto neighborhood (the one around Mandela’s house and the Orlando Towers) and I noticed an atmosphere that was more festive than dangerous.

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Our black level policies offer the highest level of insurance for travel to South Africa. Black level policies include unlimited medical expenses, up to £10,000 cancellation cover and no excess to pay. We also offer Gold, Silver and Budget levels of cover, so you can choose the South Africa travel insurance that best suits your trip.

Travel insurance is not compulsory to enter South Africa. However, it is always advisable to take out insurance when traveling abroad. Medical treatment can be expensive in South Africa, and travel insurance has other advantages. These include coverage for your belongings and in case you have to cancel or cut short your trip.

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This is very important, as temporary or emergency passports cannot be issued at the airport, so travelers who do not meet these requirements will be returned to the airport of origin.

The main health risks in South Africa are dengue fever, malaria (or malaria) and chikungunya. These diseases are transmitted by mosquito bites. To protect yourself, use repellents and wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing.

Cape Town is the capital city with the highest absolute and relative levels of reported crime in South Africa and one of the highest in the world. Avoid walking on rural trails alone, as well as on Table Mountain.

Durban: The Downtown police station is one of the most crime-ridden in South Africa. Avoid the slums, visits to townships, the beach at night; special caution around Moses Mabida Stadium.

In Johannesburg, it is still a dangerous place, especially at night. The Rotunda bus terminal should be avoided. It is recommended not to visit the townships of Hillbrow, Yeoville, Berea and to be cautious in Bruma.

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Magical places await you in South Africa. Cape Town, with its picturesque beaches, lively nightlife and wild nature; the Kruger National Park or the Mala Mala Reserve, a paradise for safari lovers; or the populated Johannesburg, where you will enjoy its lively cultural life, gastronomy and nature.

Whatever your destination and your travel plan, the best option to enjoy your stay in South Africa with peace of mind is to take out travel insurance with AXA.  Because AXA travel insurance offers you the most complete coverage to solve any medical, luggage and cancellation issues that may arise during your trip to South Africa.

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