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Africa is a continent with great contrasts, with incredible landscapes both in deserts and in jungles or savannahs, a continent where you can enjoy seeing and photographing large mammals, a continent where you can learn about different cultures and traditions … A continent where, in short, you can let yourself be surprised and seduced by stories, fables, colors and flavors. So… what better destination for your next vacation than Africa?

In Horizonte Paralelo we offer you to know this incredible part of the planet from a responsible perspective, respectful with the environment and tolerant with the inhabitants and customs of each region. The important thing is to enjoy everything that your senses can capture from an open perspective and free of prejudices. Because if you really want to get to know Africa, this is the way to do it for real.

Do you want to enjoy the continent in all its breadth? Discover all the organized trips we have for you, from trips to Morocco where you can visit the dunes or practice trekking to others that discover the jewels of traveling to Tanzania. In addition, you have different options in each of them, both group and private trips. Choose the option that best suits you and enjoy this stunning destination as you like.

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There are many reasons to take a trip to Africa, although undoubtedly, one of the most sought after and demanded are the mythical photographic safaris to observe wildlife in its purest state.

In any case, whatever the reason for traveling to Africa, it is always a magnificent and incomparable experience, either for its safaris, its people, its incredible beaches of crystal clear water and turquoise blue, intended for honeymoons, family trips, groups of friends, business meetings ……

What are you waiting for? Dare to discover Africa with Viajes Etnias, we have been traveling for a long time to this continent and we know what we have to offer to each of our customers, take advantage of our experience and wisdom in the destination.

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With our group tours in Africa we will discover countries like Morocco, exploring its interesting medinas, admiring its mosques, immersing ourselves in its culture, enjoying its delicious gastronomy…

MoroccoWe will learn how to bargain in the souks, spend the night in the desert under the stars, taste the delicious Moorish tea, take a camel ride, explore villages and cities like Marrakech, Fez, Chauen and Tangier…

In Morocco, we will tour its main cities and villages, spend the night in the desert in a traditional Berber haima, watch the sunrise while taking a camel ride, taste delicious dishes with peculiar spices and live a lot of incredible group experiences.

DELICIOUS GASTRONOMYIt’s exotic cuisine of intense flavor and aroma offers delicious dishes with a variety of spices such as black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg… Nothing better than a good Moroccan tajine!

What are group tours in Africa? Africa is a region full of culture and tradition with a wide tourist offer. Its contrast between wild nature and interesting cities gives it a perfect touch to become one of the favorite destinations for travelers around the world.

Safaris Africa

Africa has a very special culture. In this continent are very present the themes related to African dance and rhythms, which have a very unique style. The most used instruments are drums, trumpets and flutes. African culture also enjoys artistic expressions in terms of leather work, engravings, sculptures, ceramics and paintings.

Discover the trips to different African countries that we have prepared for you among a great selection and find the one that best suits your needs: from safaris to see animals in the wild to the most traditional tribes, authentic gifts of nature or the most diverse cultures.

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